“Mum and Dad Are Splitting Up” – How to Handle the Toughest Conversation You’ll Ever Have

When Ben Dillon-Smith and his ex-wife split up, he had to break the news to his five-year-old son. Here’s how he did it and what he learned along the way.

Scott Pendlebury on Dad Life: “I’m a Massive Worrier”

As one of the top AFL players in the modern game, Scott Pendlebury is known for his ice-cool poise. But the Collingwood skipper admits that applying that calm-headed approach to dad-life doesn’t come easy.

Calling New Dads! Researchers to Study the Life-changing Effects of Fatherhood

Why do some men adjust more positively to fatherhood than others? What are the psychological and social factors that determine how well they’ll cope? Psychology researchers from Griffith University aim to find out.

Things My Father Taught Me: Father Bob Maguire

In many people’s eyes, his father James was a violent, wife-beating drunk – a hopeless case. But Father Bob Maguire, the Roman Catholic priest, community worker and media personality, happens to have a soft spot for hopeless cases. His own research into his family history is a search for answers to help him understand who James Maguire really was – and why.

Never Catch Another Cold Off Your Kids – 6 Ways To Boost Your Immunity

Small kids turn your house into a raging plague-pit. When cold season begins, you’re forced to stem a torrent of runny noses on a round-the-clock basis. Your chances of escaping are slim.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa Reveals How Co-parenting Changed His Life

Hip-hop superstar Wiz Khalifa has revealed how raising his six-year-old son Sebastian (aka Bash) has encouraged him to raise his game.

“It’s The Most Exciting Time In History To Be a Dad” – Here’s Why…

If you’re a dad right now, then congratulations: you’ve timed your run to perfection. That’s the verdict of Australia’s leading authority on fatherhood, Professor Richard Fletcher, who believes this is the best time in history to be a dad.

Things My Father Taught Me – George Calombaris

"I look at my son and I look at my relationship with my father – it’s different. I ask myself, all the time now: ‘Am I a good enough father?’ ‘Have I done it well enough?’ I question my abilities – professionally and personally – every single day.

Dental as Anything: All You Need To Know About Brushing Your Kids’ Teeth

Children’s teeth are a tricky business. Their basic acquisition involves lots of tears, drool and sleepless nights - then you have to deal with their maintenance. Trying to coax a small child into brushing their teeth often involves a fretful stand-off in the bathroom. Every. Single. Day.

Boxer Jeff Horn Knocks Back $2 Million Fight To Attend the Birth of His 2nd Child

What’s it worth to be present at the birth of your child? Jeff Horn values it at almost $2 million.

Not Just Force-feeding Your Kids Tim-Tams…Grandparents are the Superheroes of Modern Life

Grandparents have become the social glue in modern family life — the support system that stops the whole rickety structure from collapsing. Here's why....

UFC Champ Robert Whittaker: “Being a Fighter Has Definitely Helped Me as a Father”

UFC World Middleweight Champ Robert Whittaker is a warrior in the Octagon. But while he’s best known for his sharp jab and devastating left hook, The Reaper’s guiding mantra has always been family first.

26 Sobering Dad Stats: How Many Nappies You’ll Change, Lies You’ll Tell, Toilet Interruptions You’ll Endure

Feed, change, bathe, rock, clean, repeat… There are times when the parenting treadmill can feel like a relentless test of mental endurance. And that’s leaving Baby Shark out of the equation.

“It Really Tests Your Relationship”: What It’s Really Like To Go Through IVF

One in 25 Australian babies are now born via IVF. But while success rates are climbing, it’s far from an easy ride. Under 18 per cent of all IVF cycles result in a live birth and the process can take a heavy toll

Relax! Why You Shouldn’t Worry So Much About Screen Time

Back in the day, fatherhood used to largely consist of putting food on the table, administering discipline and cracking ineffectual one-liners. Today, it’s fair to say, things have changed. We barely have time for all that stuff anymore - we’re too busy worrying about screen time. But a new report suggests all that hand-wringing may be misplaced.

Michael Klim: “Divorce Has Made Me A Better Dad”

WHAT I KNOW ABOUT FATHERHOOD: Michael Klim, father of Stella (13), Frankie (8) and Rocco (11)