Mick Jagger and Me: The Old Dads’ Club

Thank God for Mick Jagger. Whenever I’m feeling that I made my run too late by starting this fatherhood caper well past my prime, I just catch up with the latest on the procreation habits of my big-lipped, skinny-hipped buddy. In December 2016, Jagger fathered his eighth child. He was 73 at the time

“Make Your Life Better And Save Your Marriage” – What 2 Billion Women Want You To Know

This is your worst habit (no, not the thing with the ear-wax) and it’s poisoning your relationship. Meet the solution.


School of Rock: 6 Dwayne Johnson Quotes To Dad By

It’s hard to believe that not so long ago, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was perceived by the world as a meathead wrestler. Today, he’s the world’s most bankable movie star, an action-hero with 20-inch biceps and a heart of gold. But he’s also the new dad-hero. This, after all, is the family-man w

The Lexus NX is the Family Car That Won’t Make You Sad You’re a Grown Up

If you’d told your single, pre-Dad self that he’d soon be lusting after a medium-sized family SUV rather than a two-door sports car or a big, shouty V8 sedan, he’d have probably thrown a beer over you, or at very least mocked you mercilessly. Mid-sized SUVs are not bought by young people with

Life Hack! Drop Your Child Off At Day Care The Night Before To Save Valuable Time In The Mornings!

The alarm’s blaring, there are no clean towels in the bathroom, and your two-year-old hasn’t even thought to make himself breakfast yet. Mornings with kids can be an absolute clusterfuck. In fact, research shows it’s the most stressful time of day for new parents. But here’s a tip so simple that you

The Worst Advice I Ever Got About Fatherhood

“Remember boys like simple names,” she said.  “And girls hate to have the same name as everyone in their class.” This, you understand, wasn’t the worst piece of advice I got about fatherhood. I even thought it was reasonably sane. But that tip-off came from the same source as the bad advice that fol

What Kind of Dad Does Chris Hemsworth Want To Be Remembered As?

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