How to Keep Your Marriage From Sucking

Walking down the aisle with someone is an extraordinary leap of faith. Because you’re not just getting hitched to your current wife. You’re marrying the woman she becomes in five years, ten years, 25 years. People change and, believe it or not, you may too. Over the years, storybook wedd

This Is What Happens When A Sneakerhead Raises A Kid

Steve Jaconetta is a sneaker obsessive whose collection hit 800 pairs at its peak. But he’s already passed on his passion for box-fresh kicks to his young son.


The 3 Biggest Mistakes You're Making With Your Daughter

I’m a man. I grew up in a family of three boys. I went to a boys’ school until years 11 and 12. The vast majority of my best friends are men. I work with the men’s health charity, Movember. And I’ve created The Father Hood with two other dads. So, I spend a lot of time hanging out with men and think

Grand Designs' Peter Maddison Explains How to Fix Your Family Floorplan

Want to turn your house into a family home? Peter Maddison, the host of Grand Designs Australia and an architect with 25 years of experience, lists the pitfalls to avoid. “Because of the size of many modern houses the family unit is being eroded. You know you’ve got the basement theatre where peopl

Nick Cave: Why Your Kids Need Rock'n'Roll

When I became a father, the stakes immediately rose – higher highs, lower lows, and a load-up of pressure I simply didn’t see coming. Raising happy, little people is the biggest job I’ll ever have. While being a dad is an immense, life-defining opportunity, it also comes with a huge weight. I think

What the Horse Whisperer Taught Me About Raising Boys

Question: What’s the difference between small boys and wild horses? Answer: Not very much. That’s what Darrell Brown learned from the world-famous “Horse Whisperer” in a meeting that would have a profound influence on the way he raised his sons. Here, Darrell recalls what happened in that fateful e

Paul Roos: To Be Honest

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