The Secret Life Of Dads: Fearing The Apocalypse & Losing Battles About Ice-cream

There are a lot of things that ante-natal classes can’t prepare you for. Fatherhood is a complex business where you’re always getting socked in the nuts by a domestic curveball. Here, four dads reveal what’s really on their minds, from not wanting another child to navigating the fiendishly tricky r

“Fatherhood Can Be Your Opportunity To Redefine Who You Are”: Tom Docking

“The way I used to think of shock was like that zap you got if you licked a nine-volt battery. Then I found out we were pregnant. That redefined what shock was for me…”


In Praise of Downtime (Or Why It’s OK For Dads To Sometimes Just Stick On The Telly)

At some point, most likely more than once, every parent will ask themselves the eternal question: what’s the earliest I can reasonably start drinking today? It’s easy to feel guilty a lot when you have a child, because you hear all these people saying about how great it is, and how they wouldn’t ch

Mick Jagger and Me: The Old Dads’ Club

Thank God for Mick Jagger. Whenever I’m feeling that I made my run too late by starting this fatherhood caper well past my prime, I just catch up with the latest on the procreation habits of my big-lipped, skinny-hipped buddy. In December 2016, Jagger fathered his eighth child. He was 73 at the time

David Campbell on Beating Booze, Taming Anxiety And Why His Kids Inspire Him To Raise His Game

David Campbell was 10-years-old when he discovered that his father was, in fact, the rock-star, Jimmy Barnes. “Lightning struck that day for me,” the singer and TV presenter says. “Emotionally, it rocked me.” David went on to forge a strong relationship with his dad. Yet he acknowledges that childh

Bluey: How a Cartoon Dog Became Your Ultimate Guide to Fatherhood

Modern fatherhood has a new leading man. Forget George Clooney (too slick), Jamie Oliver (too busy) or The Rock (looks too much like a thumb). No, the father figure any man should now model their dad-game on is, in fact, a cartoon dog from the Brisbane suburbs. Bandit is the dad in Bluey, the hugely

Celebrating The Modern Father

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Fatherhood Is Life Turned Up To 11