Kids' Parties Are Hell On Earth. But They Did Teach Me An Unexpected Lesson

“I drive-drunk, just being honest,” he said with an unmistakable tinge of pride. Like we should be proud of the guy, you know, because he’s being honest. The fact this guy had chosen a kids’ party of all places to make this declaration was almost offensive. Given it came the day after the hear

Body Hack's Todd Sampson: “Bravery Is A Learned Skill - I Want My Girls To Take Huge Risks"

As a boy, Todd Sampson vividly recalls his father sitting down before him and stretching out his hands. Years of grinding away as a labourer had left Hilary Sampson’s hands broken and callused. “He showed me his hands and he said to me: ‘Todd, you don't need to have hands like this. You can use your brain’.”


How Do You Balance Creativity and Fatherhood? The Dadwell Podcast Shows The Way

It’s hard to write a novel with a fractious toddler on your lap. Or design a new brand logo while your baby emits a series of blood-curdling screams. In short, small children have a tendency to disrupt the creative process. As the literary critic Cyril Connolly famously put it: “There is no more so

Mat Rogers: What I Know About Fatherhood

Mat Rogers, 44, is a former dual-code international who represented Australia in both rugby league and union. Currently appearing on Australian Survivor: All Stars, he’s the father of four kids: Jack (23), Skyla (20), Max (13), and Phoenix (12). My nickname was Rat, so you can imagine as a youngster

The War On Sandwiches: Become A Legend In Your Kid's Lunchbox

For men of certain age, the idea of packed lunches is, let’s face it, faintly depressing. Back at school, limp sandwiches were inescapable – namely cheese, Vegemite or peanut butter and jam. Irrespective of the filling the sandwich always emerged look crumpled and sweaty, unable to shake off that li

The Me-Time Masterclass: When The Rare Opportunity Strikes, Here’s How To Make It Count

One of the best pieces of advice anyone ever gave me about parenting was that when you have a rare chunk of free time, to plan your day meticulously. It seems counter-intuitive at first, but if you don’t, the advice goes that you’ll just waste precious time – as soon as your partner and child

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