The Loneliness Of The First-time Father

Cliched understatement alert: having kids shakes up your life in a big way. But another thing fatherhood massively disrupts is your social life. Here five men discuss the discombobulating effects of dad-life and the isolation it can bring. “I had no time for anything except for family and work” I

The New Rules On Naming Your Children

What did you do at kinder today?” I asked my three-year-old son on the drive home. “Trains with Roy,” came the reply from the backseat.


Struggling under Covid? Get paid for having stress-relief coaching…

We’re guessing that you’ve probably had better years. Covid has wreaked havoc, damaging livelihoods and relationships in families everywhere. But you don’t have to try and manage alone. Black Dog Institute is reaching out to help those who have been left feeling unable to cope following the pandemi

#GotToddlered Offers The Secret To Surviving The Filth & The Fury Of Early Parenthood

I heard a blood-curdling scream from my wife and ran indoors fearing the worst. By the time, I made it upstairs she was on her knees with her head in her hands. She looked catatonic with fury. My two-year-old is a feisty fellow at the best of times, but he’d really outdone himself here. Somehow he

Grieving Alone: The Reality About Men & Miscarriage

Tristan MacManus still remembers the gut-punch of emotion when his wife, Tahyna Tozzi, lost their first baby. “I was heartbroken,” the new co-host of Studio 10 admits. “It literally broke my heart. I’d waited for my whole life to be a father. When Tahyna told me we were having a baby, it was e

The Heart-warming Brilliance of “Dad Reflexes” & Why They Show Man At His Best

A 30-something man suddenly turns and hurls himself full-length to yank his toddler from the path of a speeding car. A child tumbling off the back of a horse is plucked from mid-air a second before his head strikes the ground. A small girl on a bike avoids a mouthful of broken teeth when her father

Celebrating The Modern Father

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The Only Job That Really Counts