How Hemingway Felt About Fatherhood

Ernest Hemingway was affectionately called “Papa,” but what kind of dad was he? In my role as Associate Editor of the Hemingway Letters Project, I spend my time investigating the approximately 6,000 letters sent by Hemingway, 85% of which are now being published for the first time in a multivolu

Train Your Brain To Be More Optimistic (You Need To For The Sake Of Your Kids)

COVID-19. Climate change. Your moribund sex life. The shrinking size of Cadbury’s family-size chocolate blocks… There are plenty of reasons to feel downbeat about the state of the planet. But such negativity is often exacerbated when you’re the sleep-deprived father of a toddler who’s currently screaming because you won’t let him push a half-eaten Tim-Tam into the power socket.


New Study Confirms Dads Need To Be More Like Bandit When Playing With Kids

Bandit, the blue-heeler dad in Bluey, is a creative genius when it comes to playing with his children. Sure, he’d rather be watching the cricket. But Bandit still allows himself to be roped into wildly imaginative games of “horsey weddings”, “tickle crabs” or “Rug Island” – much to the wide-e

TV Chef Miguel Maestre: “Prioritise. That’s The Best Advice I Can Give Any Dad”

I was a rebel growing up. I was a really difficult child – very, very problematic. I was always in trouble and the teachers had my dad on speed dial. But my father was very good at always letting me be myself and make mistakes for myself. When I was 18 I wanted to leave home and move to the UK

Real Talk, Inspiration & Baby Vomit: The Best Quotes From New Film, Dads

How do you make an 81-minute film that encapsulates the head-spinning enormity of the modern fatherhood experience? Dads, the new documentary on Apple TV, boldly fronts up to the challenge. The directorial debut of Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of Ron) is a celebration of the joys and struggles of m

How To Avoid Becoming The Grumpy Dad

Your Spotify account is now hijacked by The Wiggles. You’ve become involuntarily celibate. Your three-year old has just got another pea stuck up his nose… Yes, fatherhood is wondrous and life-affirming and so on and so forth. But it can also prove a daily challenge. The bad news is that most men wil

Celebrating The Modern Father

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