Parent of Triplets Shares Expert Tips For Drinking (A Bit) Less

Looking after small kids is a howling shit-storm at the best of times. Right now though we’re living through some of the worst with COVID forcing us to contend with a host of extra financial, social and domestic problems. So it’s hardly a surprise that a new study shows that more than one in four (2

Man Loses Job. Hits Back With Peanut Butter & The Wackiest Cookery Show Ever

Paul Raila is a filmmaker and cinematographer who lost all his work due to the COVID-19 shutdown. “If I really sit down and think about it, I become overwhelmed with dread,” the Houston-based father-of-two admits. “But for my own well-being and just to be a good father and partner, I can't let myself stay in that space.”


The Covid Revelations – 4 Dads Share What They’ve Learned From Lockdown

For many men, the last few months have been like getting repeatedly smacked in the nuts by the mother of all curveballs. COVID-19 has shaken up relationships, derailed careers and cranked up the pressure at home. Here four dads share their private revelations from lockdown including hopes, fears and

Comedian Ross Noble: “To Feel Overwhelmed As A Dad Is Normal. Nobody Knows What They're Doing”

Ross Noble never sticks to a script. The comedian’s stand-up shows are renowned for their freewheeling flights of fancy, happily lurching from horny owls to snooker-playing pirates. This wild imagination, one suspects, is acutely suited to hanging out with young kids. Ross, it turns out, has two da

What I Learned at Sleep School

My wife and I almost didn’t go to sleep school. It sounded like signing up for guaranteed emotional trauma – as much for ourselves as our infant sons. We pictured a grim regime like something from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest intensified with marathon bouts of controlled crying. Frankly, we

Tim Cahill: “The best piece of advice my dad gave me? ‘You can’t live in a car’."

My dad, Tim Cahill Senior, was a character. He was from London, a Dagenham boy and he liked to have a joke. But discipline was a big thing for him, too. He would take me and my two brothers to the park and then make us take off our right boots so we could only kick the ball with our left foot. “A gr

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