"Thrive in the Chaos": SAS Survival Tactics For Dads

With his shaven head and arms the size of ham hocks, Kevin Toonen looks like a very tough customer. This isn’t a case of appearances proving deceptive either. During his 18 years in the military, Toonen not only served in the Australian Special Forces, he eventually wound up as their high-performanc

Interview: How Joe Wicks Stopped Punching Walls & Learned Not To Yell At His Kids

For someone who’s known as a beacon of good vibes and positive energy, Joe Wicks is a refreshingly straight-talker. Leaning against the bed in his Surrey home, the 35-year-old known as The Body Coach admits that enduring the isolation of Britain’s lockdown with two small kids – Indie is two and Marley is one – hasn’t been easy and has definitely impacted his mental health at times.


How My Divorce Made Me Stronger, Wiser And Calmer

That morning, Alex Laguna hadn’t the slightest inkling that life as he knew it was about to end. Divorce caught him totally off-guard. He was heading off to work when his wife stopped him. “She just said, ‘I don’t love you anymore. I don’t want to be with you anymore’,” he recalls. “I bl

David Campbell on Beating Booze, Taming Anxiety And Why His Kids Inspire Him To Raise His Game

David Campbell was 10-years-old when he discovered that his father was, in fact, the rock-star, Jimmy Barnes. “Lightning struck that day for me,” the singer and TV presenter says. “Emotionally, it rocked me.” David went on to forge a strong relationship with his dad. Yet he acknowledges that childh

Working From Home? Use This Stress Circuit Breaker To Avoid Losing Your Shit

As a human performance researcher and consultant, Dr Adam Fraser works with a lot of successful men from CEOs to top entrepreneurs. “They often say their greatest regret is they were a jerk to their family,” he says. “They’d say to me, ‘If I had my time over again, I’d have tried to be a bett

Black Hawk Down! Study Reveals How To Make Parenting Less Stressful

Parenting small kids has always been a nerve-shredding business. Then along came the global pandemic. Suddenly the demands become even more relentless – particularly if you’re working from home or struggling through another bastard lockdown. Given these trying conditions, a new study offers s

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