“I Drink More Mid Strengths Now” - Young Henrys’ Oscar McMahon

Oscar McMahon is the co-founder of Young Henrys, the independent craft-beer company that kickstarted Sydney’s urban brewing revolution. But he’s also the father to an 18-month-old daughter who, he admits, “has completely thrown my entire values system up in the air”. Here, Newtown’s favourite son e

This Dad Fought Back Against Post-natal Depression: Here’s What He Learnt

One in 10 new dads struggle with depression following the birth of a child. But, on the surface, Stephen Reilly seemed like an unlikely candidate.


Tim Cahill: “The best piece of advice my dad gave me? ‘You can’t live in a car’."

My dad, Tim Cahill Senior, was a character. He was from London, a Dagenham boy and he liked to have a joke. But discipline was a big thing for him, too. He would take me and my two brothers to the park and then make us take off our right boots so we could only kick the ball with our left foot. “A gr

“They Love The Drums in Bloodbuzz Ohio” - How One Dad Taught His Kids To Dig Rock’n’Roll

“Music, literature and film can be incredibly comforting and nourishing,” says Elliot Perlman. “If you can give your kids a love for the arts, plus love from you and a strong feeling of security, well, you’re doing a tremendous job as a parent, right there. And I think that’s something that most of

Newsflash: Your Child-free Mates Don’t Lead Selfish, Empty Lives

Admit it. You pick up a whole bunch of dodgy habits when you turn into a dad. From absent-mindedly whistling songs by The Wiggles to becoming suddenly OK with eating food off the floor, fatherhood triggers a shit-ton of value adjustments. Luckily, most of these new tendencies are fairly harmless (al

Matt Lemon Ran the World’s Fastest Half Marathon With a Baby Stroller: Use His Tips To Keep Up

Fatherhood doesn’t have to force you to hang up your running shoes. Just ask Matt Lemon, who holds the world record for running the fastest half-marathon while pushing a stroller. Hailing from a family of hardcore runners, Matt ran competitively at high school and college. He met his wife, Maura, at

What Kind of Dad Does Chris Hemsworth Want To Be Remembered As?

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The Indefensible Position: Why Alcohol-Free Beer (Sometimes) Makes Sense

Look, I know what you’re thinking. Alcohol-free beer is not only pointless it’s Un-Australian. I used to think so too. I mean I’ve gone to the cricket with people I actively despise just to sit with them in the Members stand and avoid drinking that watered-down piss in General Admission. And yet… th

Study: It Can Take Your Wife 547 Days To Feel Sexy Again After a Baby. Here's What To Do...

New dads don’t enjoy much action. “It can be quite a shock,” says Jacqueline Hellyer. “For women as well as men.” Hellyer, a leading sex therapist and relationship coach, is talking about what happens to your love life after a baby arrives. According to one poll, it takes a new mum an average of 18

Jump-leads For Your Brain: How This Turbo-charged Coffee Changed My Life

We get it. If you’ve got small kids you got hardly any sleep last night (again). Meet your secret weapon: a slurpable form of salvation that fits neatly into a mug. It’s called Beforeyouspeak Coffee and it’s effectively a performance-enhancing drug for your working day. I’ll admit that when I

Mick Jagger and Me: The Old Dads’ Club

Thank God for Mick Jagger. Whenever I’m feeling that I made my run too late by starting this fatherhood caper well past my prime, I just catch up with the latest on the procreation habits of my big-lipped, skinny-hipped buddy. In December 2016, Jagger fathered his eighth child. He was 73 at the time

School of Rock: 6 Dwayne Johnson Quotes To Dad By

It’s hard to believe that not so long ago, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was perceived by the world as a meathead wrestler. Today, he’s the world’s most bankable movie star, an action-hero with 20-inch biceps and a heart of gold. But he’s also the new dad-hero. This, after all, is the family-man w

The No.1 Tactic For Long-distance Dads

At first travelling for work can feel like a glamorous perk. You mop up the frequent flyer points, nab a good night’s sleep in a hotel and (whisper it) also wangle a temporary break from the parenting treadmill.  But when you’ve got a young family and you’re away from home a lot, the novelty quickly

How Having Kids Stopped Shaun Micallef Needing Approval “In A Pathetic Way”

“In the beginning I started out [in comedy] with this insatiable appetite for performing and I was very, very needy,” Micallef says. “I always needed approval, I hungered for it in a pathetic way. Talk to people I worked with early on and they’ll tell you, I was dreadful. Because I came over to Melb

The 10-Minute Workout: No Time? No Worries!

Celebrity trainer Chief Brabon can help you lose your love-handles fast. That’s good news because the dad-bod phenomenon is real. In fact, one US study found that on average fathers weigh 6kg more than childless men. That’s no surprise to Chief, one of Australia’s most respected personal train
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