Future-proof Your Marriage – Insider Tips From A Divorce Lawyer

Buckle up. We’re now entering peak season for divorces. “There is always a pick-up of new clients, come February and March time, from relationships that have broken down in January or around the Christmas period,” says Daniel Myers, a family lawyer at R.B. Flinders in Melbourne. For married couples,

The Truth About Life as a Single Dad

Drop-off days, Tinder and forgetting your kids’s drumsticks (again). The life of a single dad can test your parenting skills and your sanity.


“Make Your Life Better And Save Your Marriage” – What 2 Billion Women Want You To Know

Trying to figure out why your wife isn’t happy? Gemma Hartley might know. Last year, she wrote an article that nailed probably the single biggest gripe of the modern mum. The story went super-viral, racking up more than 2 billion clicks and one million shares. The internet rocked on its axis from th

“Who’s The Mum?”: 6 Things Every Gay Dad Must Know

You don’t have to watch Modern Family to know that domestic households no longer meet a one-size-fits-all template. Stats vary, but the Australian Institute of Family Studies estimate that about 11 per cent of men in same-sex relationships now have kids. Gay dads must, of course, contend with father

How My Divorce Made Me Stronger, Wiser And Calmer

That morning, Alex Laguna hadn’t the slightest inkling that life as he knew it was about to end. Divorce caught him totally off-guard. He was heading off to work when his wife stopped him. “She just said, ‘I don’t love you anymore. I don’t want to be with you anymore’,” he recalls. “I bl

The No.1 Tactic For Long-distance Dads

At first travelling for work can feel like a glamorous perk. You mop up the frequent flyer points, nab a good night’s sleep in a hotel and (whisper it) also wangle a temporary break from the parenting treadmill.  But when you’ve got a young family and you’re away from home a lot, the novelty quickly

To Be Honest: Why Nathan Buckley Becoming More Of A Father Figure Has Made Him A Better Coach

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Jump-leads For Your Brain: How This Turbo-charged Coffee Changed My Life

We get it. If you’ve got small kids you got hardly any sleep last night (again). Meet your secret weapon: a slurpable form of salvation that fits neatly into a mug. It’s called Beforeyouspeak Coffee and it’s effectively a performance-enhancing drug for your working day. I’ll admit that when I

Put On a Few Kilos Over Summer? Here’s What To Wear to Hide Your Gut

It’s the tail-end of the silly season so no doubt you’ve eaten, drunk and made merry. As a result, there’s a fair chance you’re carrying a bit of extra timber. Trouble is that it’s also summer and it’s bloody hot out there. That means whenever you’re off-duty you’re almost certainly wearing a T-shir

The 10-Minute Workout: No Time? No Worries!

Celebrity trainer Chief Brabon can help you lose your love-handles fast. That’s good news because the dad-bod phenomenon is real. In fact, one US study found that on average fathers weigh 6kg more than childless men. That’s no surprise to Chief, one of Australia’s most respected personal train

How Having Kids Stopped Shaun Micallef Needing Approval “In A Pathetic Way”

“In the beginning I started out [in comedy] with this insatiable appetite for performing and I was very, very needy,” Micallef says. “I always needed approval, I hungered for it in a pathetic way. Talk to people I worked with early on and they’ll tell you, I was dreadful. Because I came over to Melb

Andrew’s Story: Matt Damon Gave Me The Idea For The Father Hood

I owe Matt Damon a lot. He inspired me to write a movie with my best mate after I saw Good Will Hunting*. He got me into the Dropkick Murphys thanks to the opening scene of The Departed. He taught me that dumping your girlfriend on Oprah was a bad idea, so that I wouldn’t ever make that mistake myse

The Indefensible Position: Why Alcohol-Free Beer (Sometimes) Makes Sense

Look, I know what you’re thinking. Alcohol-free beer is not only pointless it’s Un-Australian. I used to think so too. I mean I’ve gone to the cricket with people I actively despise just to sit with them in the Members stand and avoid drinking that watered-down piss in General Admission. And yet… th

What I Learned at Sleep School

My wife and I almost didn’t go to sleep school. It sounded like signing up for guaranteed emotional trauma – as much for ourselves as our infant sons. We pictured a grim regime like something from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest intensified with marathon bouts of controlled crying. Frankly, we

Jeremy’s story: The Quickie That Knocked Up The Father Hood

Last year, a quick email planted the seed for The Father Hood. Andrew McUtchen and I had been working on a project together. We’d met through work, but quickly connected as humans and talked about dad and life stuff more than work stuff.  Our calls would always start with chats about how things were
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