What the Horse Whisperer Taught Me About Raising Boys

Question: What’s the difference between small boys and wild horses? Answer: Not very much

The Top 10 Bluey Episodes

It’s official – kids around Australia are barking mad for Bluey. They’re busting doggy dance moves in the playground and dropping catchphrases like ‘Whackadoo!’ and ‘Dollarbucks!’ daily. Dads too are feeling the love, with some confessing they even watch the show solo.

Grand Designs’ Peter Maddison Explains How to Fix Your Family Floorplan

Want to turn your house into a family home? Peter Maddison, the host of Grand Designs Australia and an architect with 25 years of experience, lists the pitfalls to avoid

The 3 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Your Daughter

I’m a man. I grew up in a family of three boys. I went to a boys’ school until years 11 & 12. The vast majority of my best friends are men. I work with the men’s health charity, Movember. And I’ve created The Father Hood with two other dads. So, I spend a lot of time hanging out with men and thinking about ‘man stuff’.

This Is What Happens When A Sneakerhead Raises A Kid

Steve Jaconetta is a sneaker obsessive whose collection hit 800 pairs at its peak. But he’s already passed on his passion for box-fresh kicks to his young son.

How to Keep Your Marriage From Sucking

Should you ever schedule sex? How do you fight in a way that won't damage your relationship? A new book reveals all

Paul Roos: To Be Honest

AFL superstar and Father of the Year Paul Roos fronts up for To Be Honest, a series by The Father Hood that asks tough questions of fathers about fatherhood.

Osher Gunsberg: “There’s something super wonderful about falling in love with a woman that has a kid”

10 Dads in 10 Days: Osher Gunsberg

Paid Parental Leave Equality: More Fulfilling Position Descriptions For All

Last week I attended a Parental Leave Equality Roundtable discussion on behalf The Father Hood, led by the fantastic Emma Walsh from Parents At Work. We heard about the huge disparity in availability and take-up of paid parental leave between women and men and how workplaces such as Medibank and Spotify are successfully getting on the front foot to address this.

Squat For Change: The Story Behind The Moment That Became A Movement


Commando Steve: “When there’s a breakdown in a relationship and then there’s a blended family, yeah, it’s challenging”


Michael Klim: To Be Honest

Michael Klim: To Be Honest

Nick Cave: Why Your Kids Need Rock’n’Roll

When I became a father, the stakes immediately rose – higher highs, lower lows, and a load-up of pressure I simply didn’t see coming. Raising three humans is the biggest job I’ll ever have. 

Bluey: How a Cartoon Dog Became Your Ultimate Guide to Fatherhood

10 Dads in 10 Days: Bandit

“Lately I’m making an effort to just put the thing away” – Chris Hemsworth on the modern challenges of fatherhood

10 Dads in 10 Days: Chris Hemsworth

3 Reasons We’re Still Buzzing From The Father Hood’s First Appearance At The Roos Mens Wellness & Leadership Club Event

When Paul Roos and I were connected last week through a mutual friend @dan Peterson (legend Dan, thank you) when the first post went up announcing The Father Hood, I was worried. As a music journalist I’ve met too many of my heroes.