Five things single dads can learn from Shane Warne about fatherhood

There isn’t much that hasn’t been written about Shane Warne, both prior to and following his tragic passing in early March. You didn’t need to be a cricket fan to know of or have an opinion about the talented spin bowler and Aussie larrikin. As a family lawyer, what has lingered with me is the example Warne set for fathers – particularly those who are navigating a separation or divorce. These are five things Warnie can teach single dads about fatherhood.

The Truth About Parental Leave & How It Can Make You A Better Man

A sleep-deprived dad pushing his newborn baby in a pram may not immediately look like he’s channelling his inner Che Guevara. But appearances can prove deceptive. Parental leave for men is a quiet act of social revolution with radical implications for your family, workplace and, indeed, for gender equality as a whole.

VIDEO: TFH Workplace Support

We believe that until it’s unremarkable for men to play an equal role in domestic life, it will remain remarkable for women to play an equal role in the workforce. Contact us to discuss how we can drive positive cultural change in your workplace.

TFH Workplace Support: Our Approach To Partnerships

We offer a three-part process that gives you insight about the status of dads in your organisation, and then engages them ongoing.

TFH Workplace Support: Bespoke Content To Drive Cultural Change

Culture doesn’t change overnight. We regularly encounter companies that have overhauled their parental leave / flexibility policies in a laudable way, only to find that men don’t take advantage of the changes

Reworking The Workplace

We offer a three-part process that gives you insight about the status of dads in your organisation, and then engages them ongoing.

Spread The Word: The Value Of Tailored Content For Your Organisation

Workplace policies that offer employees greater flexibility and parental leave opportunities are more vital than ever for staff retention, productivity and gender equality.

TFH Workplace Support: Fatherhood 2.0

Ten shots of inspiration from the frontline. Over the last two years we’ve interviewed hundreds of dads. They’ve include parenting experts and academics, psychologists and childcare specialists, celebrities and ordinary dads. This forum distils 10 of the very best pieces of wisdom that we’ve heard. They’ve changed the way that we operate as parents and they might do the same for you, too.

TFH Workplace Support: Parenthood in 2021 Is A Role With No Rulebook

COVID has turned parenting into a role with no rulebook by upending the domestic environment - and there’s no turning back. How do we build on the positive possibilities of starting our parenting lives over? Because you can, and greater happiness and fulfilment at home and at work might just be on the other side...

TFH Workplace Support: The Fastest Road To 50/50

Until it’s unremarkable for a dad to be equally involved in domestic life, it will remain remarkable for a woman to play an equal in the workforce. This forum gets to the heart of what stands in our way to achieving a level playing field in the workplace - and it starts right here, at home. 

TFH Workplace Support: The Father Hood Keynote Forum

Dads today have the chance to define themselves so much more broadly than their father’s generation. But only if they are willing to lean into the gig, rather than resisting all the change. Make no mistake, this comes with multiple challenges - we’ll suggest how to overcome them and why it’s worth it for everyone.

TFH Workplace Support: Facilitated Discussions and Surveys

The Father Hood offers moderated dad/parent chat sessions for corporate partners, where experiences, frustrations and ideas are shared.

How The Father Hood Can Help Your Workplace

The Father Hood exists to represent, inform and educate dads everywhere. In the process it aims to help employers better understand the rapidly changing needs and expectations of dads in their organisation.

Interview: How Joe Wicks Stopped Punching Walls & Learned Not To Yell At His Kids

For someone who’s known as a beacon of good vibes and positive energy, Joe Wicks is a refreshingly straight-talker. Leaning against the bed in his Surrey home, the 35-year-old known as The Body Coach admits that enduring the isolation of Britain’s lockdown with two small kids – Indie is two and Marley is one – hasn’t been easy and has definitely impacted his mental health at times.

The 5 Money Principles To Teach Young Kids

Given the tawdry state of my finances, there’s a line by the writer Katie Whitehorn that I’ve always found endlessly comforting. “The easiest way for your children to learn about money is for you not to have any,” she writes. That was certainly the experience of mortgage broker, Jai Hobbs.

Guy Sebastian: You’re Always Insecure As A Dad, Thinking: “Am I Screwing This Up?

My father taught me that fatherhood is a sacrificial love. Dad was a geologist and a very hard worker and had to travel overseas a lot. Eventually he was just over it, so he moved us all over here to Australia from Malaysia when I was six-years-old. He was constantly away for his job - working for a month, then home for a month - pretty much our whole lives. But we never, ever felt like dad was absent. Because when he was home, he was always really present.