Elton John: “I drank eight vodka martinis, took all my clothes off and then broke my manager’s nose”

By his own admission, Elton John is an unlikely father figure. “If you’d tried telling the Elton John of the 70s or 80s that he could find more fulfillment on a deep and profound level in changing a nappy than in writing a song or playing a gig, you’d probably have had to exit the room at high speed immediately afterwards, with crockery flying past your ears,” he writes in his new autobiography, Me.

“They Love The Drums in Bloodbuzz Ohio” – How One Dad Taught His Kids To Dig Rock’n’Roll

“Music, literature and film can be incredibly comforting and nourishing,” says Elliot Perlman. “If you can give your kids a love for the arts, plus love from you and a strong feeling of security, well, you’re doing a tremendous job as a parent, right there. And I think that’s something that most of us can do.”

Arguing With Your Wife? Here’s How To Stop (For Good)

Your relationship needn’t be a warzone, insists Dr Karen Phillip. The relationship and parenting counsellor has been with her partner for almost 20 years. “I can honestly say we have never had an argument. Ever. We’ve had differences of opinion, sure. But when we have those, we stop, we listen - we don’t let things escalate.”

Summer Is Coming: Use These Gym-free Workouts To Lose Your Gut

When you become a dad, your gym schedule tends to go out the window. The reason? You’re suddenly more time-poor than ever before. In fact, one study found that new fathers dropped an average of five hours of exercise per week.

Elliot Perlman: “There’s Nothing Definitive You Can Pass Onto Your Kids Except Always Avoid Punt Road”

“You can write great books or you can have children. It’s up to you.” That was the pep-talk given to novelist Michael Chabon at a party by an unnamed literary great. “You lose a book,” the advisor continued “For every child.”

Meet The Bonell Family: What It’s Really Like Being The Father of 16 Kids

Ray Bonell may be the world’s most persuasive man. When he first met his wife Jeni, she didn’t want to have any kids. Now they have 16. The Toowoomba family consists of nine boys and seven girls with ages ranging from 29 to four.

Study: How Many People You Should’ve Slept With To Have A Happy Marriage

Play the field. Sow your wild oats. Get it all “out of your system”. This is the well-worn view of male sexuality. But it turns out that accruing a decent tally of bed-post notches can be bad news for your chances of marital bliss.

Lost A Mate? Here’s What You Need To Do For Their Kids

“If you walk into any psychologist’s office in the world today, nine out of ten presenting problems – addictions, affairs, depression or whatever else, the father wound will be at the root.”

Tobie Puttock: The Quick & Easy Breakfast Upgrade To Cook With Your Kids

Tobie Puttock has worked in restaurants all over the world and written a stack of cookery books along the way. But the Melbourne celebrity chef is also the father to his four-year-old daughter, Birdie. Together, they've become a dream team in the kitchen.

Snowboarder Josh Wood: How To Survive A Broken Neck, A Broken Marriage & Life As A Single Dad

Josh Wood broke his neck in a snowboarding accident when he was 18. He became an instant quadriplegic and doctors vowed he would never walk again. But Josh refused to accept it. Instead he defied medical opinion with a miracle recovery powered by self-will and bloody-minded determination.

What Makes A Good Dad in 2019?

This Father's Day, we were proud to partner with Hunter Lab in celebrating dads of today.

Cooking with Bird: Spaghetti

Bird, with assistant Tobie Puttock, get messy in the kitchen. http://www.tobieputtock.com/

The 8 Best Movie Quotes About Dad Life Unpacked

Rocky Balboa, Vito Corleone and, er, Jim’s dad out of American Pie. Truth be told, there’s a lot of fatherly wisdom to be gleaned from the silver screen. Here we unpack the best quotes on what it means to be a modern dad.

Comedian David Baddiel on Fatherhood: “It’s The Only Thing That’s Ever Properly Changed Me”

David Baddiel was the first comedian to sell out Wembley Stadium. Here the British comic, novelist and TV presenter reflects on fatherhood and his foul-mouthed dad.


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