The Secret Life of Dads – Coronavirus Edition Pt 1

How many times have you heard the word “unprecedented” in the last few weeks? The financial, social and domestic implications of Covid-19 are intense. Mix them into the daily challenges of #dadlife and things get complicated fast. Here, four dads share their experiences of fatherhood under the shadow of a global pandemic.

How To Survive Social Distancing With Children

The Australian asked The Father Hood for some tips on how to cope with the balancing act of working with home when you have a house full of kids.

Novelist Tim Winton on Fatherhood – “Take It Seriously But Don’t Turn It Into A Fetish”

My old man was a motorcycle cop but didn’t really conform to the stereotype. When I brought friends home from school they
 were mortified to see him watching TV in his singlet and uniform trousers while ironing tomorrow’s school tunics and blouses. I think the handcuffs and truncheon hanging off the ironing board were the killer touch.

Sam Wood: How To Stay Fit At Home During Self-Isolation

Don’t be fooled by the photogenic lifestyle. Sam Wood talks with the sort of hard-baked realism only a dad with two kids under three and a teenage stepdaughter can. “I’m turning 40 in eight weeks,” the Melbourne trainer admits. “In my 20s, it was important for me to have a six-pack. But I really don’t care anymore.”

Dad in Progress – Movember’s launches podcast for new dads

Movember has just launched its first-ever podcast for new and expecting dads - Dad in Progress . Teaming up with Diamantina Podcast Network (the crew behind The Betoota Advocate, DYL & Friends and The Grade Cricketer), the five-part series is a brutally honest look at the role of dads in the 21stcentury.

How Bluey Can Help You Survive COVID-19

Working from home can be challenging when you’ve got small kids. Vital conference calls are interrupted by gate-crashing toddlers, while productivity levels tend to dip when you have to rise from your desk at 15-minute intervals to attend to yet another blood-curdling scream.

“Turn off the news” – An Expert’s Guide To Talking To Your Kids About Coronavirus

These are strange times. Coronavirus is rocking the world on its axis before giving it a double spin for extra befuddlement. The pandemic has shaken up a dark mood of paranoia and panic buying. It’s a confusing enough time for a parent, but what about your kids?

Rockabye Baby will get your kids to sleep with help from AC/DC and Snoop Dogg

Getting your kids to go to sleep is invariably a soul-crushing ordeal that leaves you in urgent need of a very stiff drink. At the end of a brutal day, the nightly ritual of baths, teeth-brushing and bedtime stories often degenerates into a maelstrom of tears, screams and tantrums. And my kids’ behaviour isn’t much better.

How To Cope With A Massive Curveball – What I Learnt From My Brain Tumour

Paul Edwards recently was delivered the news that no one ever wants to hear - you've got a brain tumour, it's very big, and it's going to take big-time surgery to get it out. Speaking from his recovery bed only one month after surgery, Paul shares the surprising positives that he believes could help any dad facing a life-changing curveball. “Laughter is the greatest healing medicine there is,” he explains. “Behind Endone, of course.”

Ayik Was 13 When He First Used An AK-47 – That’s The Same Age That His Son Is Now

It’s been a wild ride for Ayik Chut Deng. He survived unspeakable violence as a child soldier in Sudan, before moving to Queensland as a refugee in 2002. But for a while, life was turbulent here, too. After his post-traumatic stress was misdiagnosed as schizophrenia, Ayik was wrongly medicated. He began abusing drugs and alcohol, clocking up a slew of criminal charges ranging from drug dealing to drink driving. “It was becoming a father that sorted me,” he says. “That gave me something to live for.”

The Busy Dad’s Guide To Beating Back Pain

When I get home from work each evening, I open the door and immediately hear the drop of a toy, a high-pitched squeal (not sure if it’s from me or him), and the pitter-patter of my 18-month-old’s feet running through the house to come and greet me.

“I Drink More Mid Strengths Now” – Young Henrys’ Oscar McMahon

Oscar McMahon is the co-founder of Young Henrys, the independent craft-beer company that kickstarted Sydney’s urban brewing revolution. But he’s also the father to an 18-month-old daughter who, he admits, “has completely thrown my entire values system up in the air”. Here, Newtown’s favourite son explains why.

How We Got Trapped By The Myth of The Breadwinner

Every family needs a breadwinner. Providing financial stability for your kids is one of the most important things you can do to ensure they grow up in a stable environment. And because the cost of living is so freaking high, that can be an incredibly stressful responsibility.

This Is The Cure For Dad Guilt – Interview With Dr Vijay Roach

The concept of “dad guilt” might be relatively new, but the stats reveal it’s kicking in hard. Research shows that fathers increasingly worry about balancing their family duties with the grind of their working lives.

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These TED Talks Will Change The Way You Dad

Feed, change, bathe, rock, clean, repeat – endurance is part of the paternal deal. That old “it’s a marathon not a sprint” adage doesn’t really cut it for parenting. It’s more like an extreme triathalon performed on your knees.