The Bottom Line: Huggies Sticks Dads on Nappy Boxes For The First Time. Here’s Why That Matters…

The Polish dissident Aleksander Wat famously wrote that: "the truth is written on toilet walls". In the process, the poet recognised how the scatological often proves an unexpected window into social change. That's definitely the case this week with news that Huggies in the US is putting images of dads on its nappy boxes for the very first time.

Man With A Pram: Meet Other New Dads And Get Your Father’s Day Off to a Flyer…

Tom Docking and his wife, Kate, had just sold everything to set off on a two-year round-the-world trip. They’d only got as far as Hayman Island when Tom found out he was going to become a dad. Suffice to say, it wasn’t part of the plan. “It redefined what shock was for me,” he says. “Kate said I didn't really talk for two weeks.”

“Don’t Try To Deal With It All On Your Own”: Actor Bernard Curry On Bringing Up A Child With Autism

Whether playing an evil prison guard in Foxtel’s Wentworth or a diving instructor in Home and Away, actor Bernard Curry is a familiar face on our TV screens. But at home, the 45-year-old dad faces his own domestic drama on a daily basis. Here, Bernard explains how he and his wife, Sonya, have learned to cope with their son Fox’s autism and how fostering a teamwork mentality has enabled them to survive and thrive.

Watch & Learn: This Dad Has The BEST Hack To Get His Toddlers To Stop Crying…

When it comes to your in-built fatherly stress-ometer, one howling child can push the needle. Two screaming kids cranks the dial right up to 11. Not only are you outnumbered - which temper tantrum do you start with first? - but the combined volume of the ear-splitting shrieks can make it difficult to think straight and keep your cool.

Good News: Comedian Ross Noble Discovered The Secret of Happiness (And It’ll Make Dad-Life More Fun…)

"I came to the realization a few years ago about the one secret of happiness. It might not work for everyone, but for me, it’s the secret of everything. It’s something you can apply to every single aspect of your life and, I think, it very much applies to being a good parent. What is it? Oh, sorry, I’ve got to go now…."

Daddy’s Home: The National Working Families Survey 2019

Juggling small kids and work often feels like mission impossible. So how can workplaces become more family friendly and gender equal when it comes to sharing the caring load? A national study from Parents At Work and Karitane aims to find out.

What’s It Really Like Being a 21st Century Dad? Have Your Say…

It’s howlingly obvious that your life as a dad is light years away from your father’s experience. Research shows that most dads continue to work just as many hours as before they have kids. Yet on top of that, studies reveal that fathers now do three times as much childcare and twice as much housework as dads did back in the 1960s. No wonder you’re feeling frazzled.

Confessions of a Footy-Mad Dad: Why I Won’t Let My Son Play Junior Rugby League

When my son, Max, was born, I began planning the kind of footy dad I’d become – the sideline guru, the tactician, the 5am whistle-blower. As I’d learnt from my dad, the love of Rugby League is transmitted by blood, and a morning kick in the backyard is as normal as breakfast. Max’s place in the local footy team was a given.

Ask TFH: I’ve Got To Go Back To Work And My Wife Is Struggling To Cope With The Baby. What Should I Do?

I've recently joined the dad club and I'm reaching out for some advice. I am a casual worker who does full-time hours. I've had two weeks off work for our daughter's birth and she is nine days old now. She has begun "cluster feeding" from like 5pm-2am. My wife suffers with anxiety and self-doubt and I'm supposed to go back to work tomorrow. How do I cope going back knowing she hasn't slept and is in pain?

Darren Lyons: “I Wish I Had Inherited Some More Of My Dad’s Humble Nature.”

Darryn Lyons has always had big ambitions. It was a chance meeting with Rupert Murdoch that propelled his career from regional newspaper photographer to the king of paparazzi as the founder of the UK-based media agency, Big Pictures. Back in Geelong, he became Mayor of his home-town from 2013-2016 – a role that brought him back to his roots, and the dad he loves.

You Also Have a Biological Clock – Study Finds Men A Third Less Likely To Conceive After 50

There’s no shortage of celebrities who’ve fathered kids after 50. The roll-call of old dads includes Mick Jagger (at 73), Jeff Goldblum (64), Rod Stewart (66), Hugh Grant (51), Michael Douglas (58) and Robert De Niro (68).

Forget Counting Sheep: 6 Hacks To Get Back to Sleep Fast After Being Woken Up By Your Kids

It’s a cruel twist of dad life. You’re totally zonked, but when you finally hit the sack, your precious slumber is interrupted by one of your kids waking up and hollering for attention. No problem. You dutifully tend to them and chase away the monsters / get them a drink / stroke their head / persuade them to lie back down. But that 15-minute window of frantic cajoling has snapped your mind back into alertness.

Body Hack’s Todd Sampson: “Bravery Is A Learned Skill – I Want My Girls To Take Huge Risks”

As a boy, Todd Sampson vividly recalls his father sitting down before him and stretching out his hands. Years of grinding away as a labourer had left Hilary Sampson’s hands broken and callused. “He showed me his hands and he said to me: ‘Todd, you don't need to have hands like this. You can use your brain’.”

Brent “Boomer” Harvey Hates Losing. So How Does He Cope With Being a Touchline Dad?

My dad was, to put it really simply, a very sore loser when he was playing sport. I think the trait that I learnt from him was to be super-competitive - I love winning, but I think I hate losing more.

Sleep-deprived? Using a Sleep App Could Make You Feel Even Worse

Prince William welcomed his brother, Harry, into fatherhood with a gentle dig that will have dads everywhere wincing in recognition. “I’m very pleased and glad to welcome my own brother into the sleep-deprivation society that is parenting,” William said.

Boxer Danny Green: “Fatherhood Gave Me A Really Strong Focus To Be Successful”

Four-time boxing world champ, Danny Green reflects on dad tatts, “winging it” and the life-changing letter he wrote to his old man