Cheesy Ad Banned For Peddling Negative Stereotypes About “Useless Dads”

Is the tired old stereotype of the moronic dad finally at risk? A TV ad featuring two new dads failing to look after their babies has just been slapped with a ban in the UK under new rules designed to stop gender stereotyping.

Steve Biddulph: The Rise of The Hands-on Dad Is “A Revolution of The Deepest Kind”

When it comes to fatherly know-how, Steve Biddulph is a Jedi master. The retired psychologist is one of the world’s leading parent educators and his books, including The Secret of Happy Children, Raising Boys, and 10 Things Girls Need Most are in four million homes and 31 languages. Here, Steve shares a personal story from his own life that highlights the generational shift in fatherhood and shows why dads today have an incredible opportunity to develop closer relationships with their children than ever before.

Nathan Buckley on Fatherhood: “I Often Wonder Whether I Should Be Harder Or Provide More Love And Care”

Nathan Buckley’s belief in himself never wavered. Even in 2017 when the Collingwood coach faced withering criticism after another woeful season, he always kept faith in his ability. That view was finally justified in some style by the Pies’ Grand Final appearance last year - a remarkable turnaround that prompted Buckley to be named coach of the year. But a new documentary shows that, when it comes to fatherhood, Buckley struggles with the same doubts as every other dad.

Hugh Jackman: “Parenting Is Very Different Now”

Hugh Jackman reflects on how his dad quietly empowered him to become an independent thinker and how - as a dad to Oscar (18) and Ava (13) - modern fatherhood continues to evolve.

Gay Penguin Couple (Skipper & Ping) Prepare For Fatherhood at Berlin Zoo

Two homosexual emperor penguins at Berlin Zoo are bracing themselves for the life-changing impact of fatherhood after zoo staff gave them an egg to adopt last month. "The two male penguins are acting like exemplary parents, taking turns to warm the egg," zoo spokesman Maximilian Jaeger said

Study: Your Kids Won’t Trust You If You Grow A Beard

There’s more bad news for bearded men. They were already on the back foot after a recent study proved that men’s beards contain “significantly higher” bacteria levels than dog fur. But a new revelation won't help hairy-faced types to recover their Viking swagger. Dr Nicole Nelson, a psychology lecturer at the University of Queensland has found that children are instinctively suspicious of bearded men.

Building Emotional Muscle – The Future Of Fatherhood

Tom Harkin trains men to develop their emotional muscle. The personal development expert and workshop facilitator is the founder of Tomorrow Man, a social enterprise aimed at starting a conversation among men to reinvent masculinity by challenging traditional stereotypes. Here, he talks about the evolution he hopes to see in fatherhood for the next generation.

Cage Your Rage: What I Learned In Anger Management

According to the Dalai Lama: “The true hero is one who conquers his own anger”. Which is all very well. But then the Dalai Lama doesn’t have a wilfully destructive toddler who’s just smeared half a pot of Sudocream all over the sofa and is now terrorising his younger brother.

Are You Too Tired to Drive? The Truth About Father Fatigue And How To Survive It

Exhaustion is the inescapable plight of every new dad. Broken nights are unavoidable in those early months as you blearily struggle on while punctuating your sentences with yawns. But sleep deprivation has repercussions beyond the fact that your caffeine intake has suddenly trebled overnight.

Newsflash: Your Child-free Mates Don’t Lead Selfish, Empty Lives

Admit it. You pick up a whole bunch of dodgy habits when you turn into a dad. From absent-mindedly whistling songs by The Wiggles to becoming suddenly OK with eating food off the floor, fatherhood triggers a shit-ton of value adjustments. Luckily, most of these new tendencies are fairly harmless (although all that Hot Potato stuff is starting to grate). But one of the more pernicious ones is the self-righteous way some dads start to judge their child-free mates.

Incoming! The Father Hood Book Is Out Now…

Back in the day, a father’s role was limited to being the breadwinner and disciplinarian. Luckily, times have changed. Our new book celebrates the growing tribe of hands-on dads who are discovering that fatherhood has been the making of them as men.

This Is Why Richmond’s Alex Rance Is Putting Fatherhood On Hold (For The Moment)

Alex Rance is a paradox. On the field, the Richmond vice-captain has earned a reputation as one of the top defenders in the modern game. Off it meanwhile, he’s written two children’s books – Tiger’s Roar and Rabbit’s Hop – and started his own school, The Academy. Given these extracurricular pursuits are squarely focused on generation next, you’d assume they were inspired by Rance’s experiences as a dad. But the 29-year-old doesn’t have any kids. Yet.

The Secret Life of Dads: Porn, Isolation and Peeing in The Sink

Fatherhood turns your life upside down in some unexpected ways. Here, four dads reveal some of the repercussions on everything from their sex lives to bathroom habits. This is the secret life of dads.

The Bottom Line: Huggies Sticks Dads on Nappy Boxes For The First Time. Here’s Why That Matters…

The Polish dissident Aleksander Wat famously wrote that: "the truth is written on toilet walls". In the process, the poet recognised how the scatological often proves an unexpected window into social change. That's definitely the case this week with news that Huggies in the US is putting images of dads on its nappy boxes for the very first time.

Man With A Pram: Meet Other New Dads And Get Your Father’s Day Off to a Flyer…

Tom Docking and his wife, Kate, had just sold everything to set off on a two-year round-the-world trip. They’d only got as far as Hayman Island when Tom found out he was going to become a dad. Suffice to say, it wasn’t part of the plan. “It redefined what shock was for me,” he says. “Kate said I didn't really talk for two weeks.”

“Don’t Try To Deal With It All On Your Own”: Actor Bernard Curry On Bringing Up A Child With Autism

Whether playing an evil prison guard in Foxtel’s Wentworth or a diving instructor in Home and Away, actor Bernard Curry is a familiar face on our TV screens. But at home, the 45-year-old dad faces his own domestic drama on a daily basis. Here, Bernard explains how he and his wife, Sonya, have learned to cope with their son Fox’s autism and how fostering a teamwork mentality has enabled them to survive and thrive.