Tobie Puttock: The Quick & Easy Breakfast Upgrade To Cook With Your Kids

Tobie Puttock has worked in restaurants all over the world and written a stack of cookery books along the way. But the Melbourne celebrity chef is also the father to his four-year-old daughter, Birdie. Together, they've become a dream team in the kitchen.

Snowboarder Josh Wood: How To Survive A Broken Neck, A Broken Marriage & Life As A Single Dad

Josh Wood broke his neck in a snowboarding accident when he was 18. He became an instant quadriplegic and doctors vowed he would never walk again. But Josh refused to accept it. Instead he defied medical opinion with a miracle recovery powered by self-will and bloody-minded determination.

Celebrating The Modern Father

This Father's Day, we were proud to partner with Hunter Lab in celebrating dads of today.

Cooking with Bird: Spaghetti

Bird, with assistant Tobie Puttock, get messy in the kitchen.

The 8 Best Movie Quotes About Dad Life Unpacked

Rocky Balboa, Vito Corleone and, er, Jim’s dad out of American Pie. Truth be told, there’s a lot of fatherly wisdom to be gleaned from the silver screen. Here we unpack the best quotes on what it means to be a modern dad.

Comedian David Baddiel on Fatherhood: “It’s The Only Thing That’s Ever Properly Changed Me”

David Baddiel was the first comedian to sell out Wembley Stadium. Here the British comic, novelist and TV presenter reflects on fatherhood and his foul-mouthed dad.


On this RUOK Day it’s a great time to reach out dad to dad and just see if we are ok.

Get the book. Join the Hood.

Get the book. Join the Hood. Out now. in bookshops everywhere.

Why do you love dad?

We're proud to partner with Hunter Lab to celebrate the modern father.

What makes a strong dad?

We're proud to partner with Hunter Lab to celebrate the modern father.

Welcome To The Father Hood

Get the book. Join the Hood. Out now in bookshops everywhere.

Celebrating The Modern Father

Celebrating the Modern Father

Comedian James McCann: “Dad Jokes Are An Abuse of Power”

James McCann is an award-winning stand-up comic. Six months ago, he also became a father to a baby girl. Here’s what the 28-year-old has learnt so far.

This Is What It’s Really Like To Be A Stay-at-home Dad

“IF YOU’RE happy and you know it clap your hands,” I jauntily sing, a rictus grin pinned to my face and my palms mashed together. My daughter Amelia, nuzzled in my lap, looks at me quizzically and makes little movement to match my impression of a performing seal.

What Makes a Good Father? We Asked A Bunch of Dads And Kids To Find out

Infinite patience? Round-the-clock access? A willingness to read The Cat In The Hat back-to-back eight times in a row? Ahead of Father's Day, we asked a bunch of men and their kids: what makes a good dad in 2019?

10 Things That We Actually Want For Father’s Day

Novelty socks? Power tools we will frankly never use? Here The Father Hood’s three founders – Luke, Jeremy and Andrew - suggest 10 things that we’ve tried, tested and genuinely rate as worthwhile gifts.