Boxer Danny Green: “Fatherhood Gave Me A Really Strong Focus To Be Successful”

Four-time boxing world champ, Danny Green reflects on dad tatts, “winging it” and the life-changing letter he wrote to his old man

In Praise of Stepdads: Budweiser’s New Video Will Probably Make You Cry

One in five Australians is now estimated to being part of a stepfamily. A new video pays heart-warming tribute to the extraordinary impact that stepdads can have on children’s lives.

Fatherhood Means Regularly Getting Kicked In the Balls. Meet the Solution

Head butts, flailing legs, over-eager welcome homes, clumsily wielded toy light-sabers… One of the unspoken truths about fatherhood is that you’re regularly getting socked in the nuts.

Study: New Dads are Losing Their Mates In The First Year After Having a Child

Let’s face it: becoming a dad shakes the foundations of your life and handling the after-shocks isn’t easy. Sleep goes out the window, your relationship can feel strained, you lose all personal autonomy and suddenly face a tidal-wave of never-ending expenses. Navigating your way through this head-spinning transition can seem like an overwhelming challenge.

Ask TFH: My Mate Looks Like A Heart-Attack Waiting to Happen. How Do I Get Him To Look After Himself?

Dear TFH, My oldest mate has put on a lot of weight. He's a heavy drinker and his diet is pretty awful. On top of all that, he’s got a stressful job and his marriage looks to be on shaky ground. I'm worried about his health both physical and mental. What's the best way to encourage him to look after himself?

This Relationship Coach Shares His Top Dating Tips for Single Dads

Returning to the dating game as a single dad is confronting. Chances are, you’re woefully out of practice so your confidence isn’t exactly sky-high. You may still be reeling from the aftershocks of the relationship with the mother of your child. Plus your time is massively compromised because… well, you’re a dad and you’ve got kids.

Things My Father Taught Me: Paul West

Motorcycle mechanic. Gun-seller. Coal miner. Yoga teacher... Paul West's dad enjoyed a diverse range or careers. Here, the presenter of River Cottage Australia reflects on his father's shape-shifting life and the changing nature of fatherhood

Do It Like Obama: 5 Ways To Stop Your Job From Killing Your Dad Life

When Barack Obama became President of the United States, he made a decision. Every night, he would return to the White House to sit down at 6.30pm for dinner with his wife and daughters.

Block-rocking Feats: The Brickman’s 6 Greatest Lego Masterpieces

Ryan “the Brickman” McNaught reckons he’s got “the least boring job in the world”. That’s because as one of just 13 LEGO-certified professionals on the planet, the Melbourne man is responsible for creating gravity-defying structures that push the boundaries of the humble, plastic brick.

Trip The Light Fantastic: The Family Survival Guide to Vivid

For the 11th year, Vivid will inject light, sound and ideas into Sydney in the middle of winter. And for the 11th year, parents with lingering memories of last year’s festival will wander into the city to see the incredible light installations and the illuminated sails of the Sydney Opera House, and ask themselves: “Can we do it better this time around?”

Study: Dads Who Take Parental Leave May Delay Having More Kids

Dads who take parental leave are more likely to postpone having additional children, a study in Spain has found.

Revealed: Your New Secret Weapon in The War Against Dad Bod

Fatherhood often seems like a conspiracy to make you fat. That’s not just because you're always polishing off your kid’s leftover fishfingers. The truth is that, as a dad, you’ve suddenly got far less time to yourself. In fact, one study found that young men who became dads dropped an average of five hours per week of exercise.

David Campbell on Beating Booze, Taming Anxiety And Why His Kids Inspire Him To Raise His Game

David Campbell was 10-years-old when he discovered that his father was, in fact, the rock-star, Jimmy Barnes. “Lightning struck that day for me,” the singer and TV presenter says. “Emotionally, it rocked me.”

Ask TFH: Arguments With My Wife Often Get Ugly. How Do I Communicate Better?

Dear TFH, My relationship with my wife is generally good. But our disagreements often spiral way out of proportion due to my lack of communication skills. How do I improve?

New Balance Campaign Honours the Ultimate Symbol of Dad Style

Sad but true: the word “dad” is traditionally used as a prefix for something that’s a bit, well, crap (think “dad-rock”, “dad-bod”, “dad-dancing etc).

State of Independence: Three Ways to Bring Up Resilient Kids

To paraphrase Rocky Balboa, life is largely about getting knocked down and then getting back up again. The parental take-home: you want to raise your kids to be resilient.