Tom Hanks Became a Dad at 21 And Made A Few Mistakes. But He Also Has Some Brilliantly Reassuring Advice

Tom Hanks is Hollywood’s Everyman, a scandal-free good guy who’s clocked up an epic career on the silver screen. But in an in-depth new interview he reveals how tough it was to juggle being a young dad at 21 with a career that was still spluttering into life.

Gus Worland: “It’s easy to get isolated from your mates when you become a dad.”

“We need to change the stereotype in Australia of what makes a man,” Gus Worland insists. That’s a decision the TV presenter learned while travelling around the country to make Man Up, the ABC documentary that explored whether the stereotype of the strong but silent Aussie man is contributing to the fact that suicide is now the most common cause of death for men under 45.

“My Anxiety Really Started At The Time Of My First Son’s Birth” – One Dad Shares His Story Of Post-natal Depression

Becoming a father can prove a confronting experience and many new dads struggle to adapt. It is now recognised that around one in 20 men experience depression during pregnancy and up to one in 10 new dads struggle with depression following the birth of their baby. Here, Dave Edwards shares his experience and how he managed to turn things around.

Good News. We’ve Just Found The Only Baby Monitor That You’ll Ever Need

For Hollywood scriptwriters, the baby monitor was a plot device sent from heaven. Not only could they be used to expose domestic scandal (who’s that kissing the au pair), they could also overhear dramatic revelations and, of course, become ghost magnets for paranormal activity.

“My Father Taught Me The Value Of Positive Support” – The Father / Son Story That Haunts The NRL

In the archives that tell of the fairy-tale rugby league season of 1969, there exists what is surely one of the saddest and most touching of all the many sagas that make up the Australian sporting story-book. It is the tale of a father who through many increasingly difficult weeks made his painful way towards a hoped-for dream

5 Things Every Dad Must Know Before Their Partner Gives Birth

Whether you’re becoming a first-time dad or your growing brood is set to hit double figures, every man will feel that lurch of trepidation as they head for the delivery room. Human biology decrees that your partner must endure all the heavy-lifting when it comes to giving birth. That can often leave you standing on the sidelines, feeling powerless, ineffectual and afraid.

Family Values: Paul Roos And His Son Discuss Their Relationship And The Changing Nature Of Manhood

Paul Roos is an AFL legend. After a hugely successful playing career, he became a coach and guided the Sydney Swans to the 2005 Premiership, their first title in 72 seasons. Dylan (24) is one of Paul’s two sons. But what’s it like being brought up by the 2008 Australian Father of the Year?

“The First Six Months Of Our Daughter’s Life I Didn’t Go A Single Day Without A Drink”

Chris Picking is the founder of Pickings & Parry (, a menswear store / barbershop in Fitzroy. He’s also not had a drink for six months and, what’s more, he’s determined to stick it out for a full calendar year. Here, Chris explains how he’s made his stint of abstinence work and what he’s learned about alcohol-free IPAs.

New Report Shows That Most Working Parents Are Struggling To Cope

Since becoming a dad have you found yourself becoming more stressed? Do you wrestle with the pressure of trying to juggle your work around your family commitments? Are you reluctant to take advantage of more flexible working opportunities for fear of damaging your career or reputation?

Beau Ryan: “You Have To Find Your Own Way As A Dad”

Since hanging up his boots on his NRL career, Beau Ryan has graduated from The Footy Show to become the new host of Network 10’s The Amazing Race Australia. Here, the 33-year-old talks about FaceTime, fatherhood and the tactic that helped him to repair his marriage.

Photographer Harold David On Life As a Gay Dad: “I’ve Not Had One Person Say Anything Negative To Me. Not one.”

“I always knew that I wanted to be a dad. It's weird. I never even thought it wasn't a possibility. But in my situation it’s not something that just happens by chance, you know? It's not like a random act that takes place in the back of a Chevy. It has to be really planned and thought-out."

Elton John: “I drank eight vodka martinis, took all my clothes off and then broke my manager’s nose”

By his own admission, Elton John is an unlikely father figure. “If you’d tried telling the Elton John of the 70s or 80s that he could find more fulfillment on a deep and profound level in changing a nappy than in writing a song or playing a gig, you’d probably have had to exit the room at high speed immediately afterwards, with crockery flying past your ears,” he writes in his new autobiography, Me.

“They Love The Drums in Bloodbuzz Ohio” – How One Dad Taught His Kids To Dig Rock’n’Roll

“Music, literature and film can be incredibly comforting and nourishing,” says Elliot Perlman. “If you can give your kids a love for the arts, plus love from you and a strong feeling of security, well, you’re doing a tremendous job as a parent, right there. And I think that’s something that most of us can do.”

Arguing With Your Wife? Here’s How To Stop (For Good)

Your relationship needn’t be a warzone, insists Dr Karen Phillip. The relationship and parenting counsellor has been with her partner for almost 20 years. “I can honestly say we have never had an argument. Ever. We’ve had differences of opinion, sure. But when we have those, we stop, we listen - we don’t let things escalate.”

Summer Is Coming: Use These Gym-free Workouts To Lose Your Gut

When you become a dad, your gym schedule tends to go out the window. The reason? You’re suddenly more time-poor than ever before. In fact, one study found that new fathers dropped an average of five hours of exercise per week.

Elliot Perlman: “There’s Nothing Definitive You Can Pass Onto Your Kids Except Always Avoid Punt Road”

“You can write great books or you can have children. It’s up to you.” That was the pep-talk given to novelist Michael Chabon at a party by an unnamed literary great. “You lose a book,” the advisor continued “For every child.”