“Never Take Liquor Into The Bedroom” – Top Writers Offer Their Advice on Parenthood

Being a parent is life turned up to 11. Yet articulating the manifold joys and horrors isn’t easy. Here, a range of top writers ranging from Scott Fitzgerald to Kurt Vonnegut share their thoughts on the biggest job of them all. Joan Didion (pictured above) “I don’t think anybody feels like they’re a

8 Life Lessons This Dad Taught His Son After Fighting Against the Nazis

Tor Ekeland’s father was tortured by the Gestapo and thrown in a concentration camp for being in the Norwegian Resistance. “Growing up, he would tell me things he learned in the Resistance. I thought I’m never going to need this stuff,” Ekeland wrote on Twitter. Then in a fascinating series of posts, the New York lawyer disclosed his dad’s hard-won lessons from defying the Nazis. It's a great read for any budding revolutionaries or office saboteurs.


Matt Lemon Ran the World’s Fastest Half Marathon With a Baby Stroller: Use His Tips To Keep Up

Fatherhood doesn’t have to force you to hang up your running shoes. Just ask Matt Lemon, who holds the world record for running the fastest half-marathon while pushing a stroller. Hailing from a family of hardcore runners, Matt ran competitively at high school and college. He met his wife, Maura, at

Good News. We've Just Found The Only Baby Monitor That You'll Ever Need

For Hollywood scriptwriters, the baby monitor was a plot device sent from heaven. Not only could they be used to expose domestic scandal (who’s that kissing the au pair), they could also overhear dramatic revelations and, of course, become ghost magnets for paranormal activity. Unfortunately, I am n

This Is What Happens When A Sneakerhead Raises A Kid

Steve Jaconetta is a sneaker obsessive whose collection hit 800 pairs at its peak. But he’s already passed on his passion for box-fresh kicks to his young son. Years before he became a dad, while he was still at high school, Steve started to buy pairs of baby sneakers. Already he was planning for th

4 Easy Ways To Reboot Your Fitness After Having Kids

Ben Lucas is a scarily fit guy. Following his career playing NRL for the Cronulla Sharks, he’s run 40-odd marathons and become the founder of Flow Athletic – a fitness experience that combines strength, fitness and yoga. Yet despite that all-action pedigree, Ben admits that having two kids in quick

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Forget Counting Sheep: 6 Hacks To Get Back to Sleep Fast After Being Woken Up By Your Kids

It’s a cruel twist of dad life. You’re totally zonked, but when you finally hit the sack, your precious slumber is interrupted by one of your kids waking up and hollering for attention. No problem. You dutifully tend to them and chase away the monsters / get them a drink / stroke their head / persua

Jump-leads For Your Brain: How This Turbo-charged Coffee Changed My Life

We get it. If you’ve got small kids you got hardly any sleep last night (again). Meet your secret weapon: a slurpable form of salvation that fits neatly into a mug. It’s called Beforeyouspeak Coffee and it’s effectively a performance-enhancing drug for your working day. I’ll admit that when I

The Indefensible Position: Why Alcohol-Free Beer (Sometimes) Makes Sense

Look, I know what you’re thinking. Alcohol-free beer is not only pointless it’s Un-Australian. I used to think so too. I mean I’ve gone to the cricket with people I actively despise just to sit with them in the Members stand and avoid drinking that watered-down piss in General Admission. And yet… th

The Lexus NX is the Family Car That Won’t Make You Sad You’re a Grown Up

If you’d told your single, pre-Dad self that he’d soon be lusting after a medium-sized family SUV rather than a two-door sports car or a big, shouty V8 sedan, he’d have probably thrown a beer over you, or at very least mocked you mercilessly. Mid-sized SUVs are not bought by young people with

The 10-Minute Workout: No Time? No Worries!

Celebrity trainer Chief Brabon can help you lose your love-handles fast. That’s good news because the dad-bod phenomenon is real. In fact, one US study found that on average fathers weigh 6kg more than childless men. That’s no surprise to Chief, one of Australia’s most respected personal train

Wake Up Your Face: 5 Instant Hacks to Look Less Tired

During the early stages of fatherhood the only way to rise and shine is by eating yeast and shoe-polish. Crushing fatigue is simply part of the deal. But you don’t have to look like an extra from The Walking Dead. Use these expert grooming tricks to disguise the visible effects. SHARPEN YOUR EDGE Wh

Healthier, Happier, Stronger: Why You Need to Catch Up with Your Mates

“Mateship” is a concept that’s as fundamentally Australian as drinking cold beer or sniggering at England’s top order. Long associated with the WW1 Diggers, it’s an idea that suggests men offering resolute support for one another during tough times. Plus the distribution of really dumb nicknames. Bu

The Top 10 Bluey Episodes

It’s official – kids around Australia are barking mad for Bluey. They’re busting doggy dance moves and dropping catchphrases like ‘Whackadoo!’ and ‘Dollarbucks!’ daily. Dads are feeling the love too, with some even confessing they watch the show solo. Packed with playful adventures for children and

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DADDY GUILT – WHAT TRIPS DADS UP THE MOST WHEN IT COMES TO THE EMOTIONAL TIES OF FAMILY? Father Hood Podcast Episode 1 Sometimes as a dad it can feel like you’re never winning – leaving work at a time that feels too early, but when you get home it feels too late. We all know that mothers are f
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