Study: Greater Involvement In Your Baby’s Life Boosts Your Mental Health

The first year of a baby’s life is a shit-storm in the most literal sense. Sleep deprivation is unavoidable, you’re more time-poor than ever before while your relationship with your partner undergoes a colossal shift. As you’re blearily trying to process all this, you’re rocked by a startling revelation: that tiny defenceless person in the cot? They’re now totally dependent on you for the next two decades at least.

The Magic Reassurance of “Dad Reflexes” & Why They Show Man At His Best

A 30-something man suddenly turns and hurls himself full-length to yank his toddler from the path of a speeding car. A child tumbling off the back of a horse is plucked from mid-air a second before his head strikes the ground. A small girl on a bike avoids a mouthful of broken teeth when her father lunges in to avert a head-on collision with a stationary truck.

The Deeper Purpose Of Dad Jokes

My father once gave me a piece of advice that I will never forget. We were sitting at the back of the bus when an elderly nun clambered on board. Observing her entry, my dad leaned over to whisper in my seven-year-old ear. “Whenever you spot a nun, always make sure you check her footwear,” he said. “If she’s wearing men’s shoes then it’s actually a German spy in disguise.”

New Dads To Be Screened For Depression

The first step in tackling a problem is to recognise it exists. Yet that’s proved the biggest traditional obstacle to help new fathers struggling with depression. Associate Professor Richard Fletcher, who leads the Fathers and Families Research Program, recalls a large-scale survey run by Beyond Blue in 2015. “One of the questions was, ‘Can dads get postnatal depression?’ he recalls. “And about 50 per cent of men and women said ‘no’.”

Old Dog, New Tricks: The Reality About Becoming An Older Dad

Thirty-three is the age that Bon Scott, Vincent van Gogh and Jesus Christ (reportedly) died. But it’s also now the median age of a first-time dad in Australia. All of which means that a significant number of guys are firing out children even later in life. Here, four men talk about the reality of becoming fathers in their 40s.

Feeling Overwhelmed? A Time Audit Could Change Your Life

Not long after leaving the army, Bram Connolly became a dad. His new job as a consultant involved a two-hour commute each way. In addition, Bram was writing his first military thriller, The Fighting Season, and completing a university undergraduate degree and a graduate diploma. Oh, and he was also attempting to maintain his fitness regimen and social life, too.

Why Furious Styles in Boyz In The Hood Is Hollywood’s Greatest Dad

Vincent Vega, Luke Skywalker, Sugar Kane Kowalczyk… There are a lot of magnificent names in cinematic folklore, but “Furious Styles” is surely jostling hard for top spot. The good news? This winning moniker isn’t false advertising either. Playing the pivotal role in Boyz N The Hood, Furious (Laurence Fishburne) is one of Hollywood’s greatest dads.

Working From Home? Use This Stress Circuit Breaker To Avoid Losing Your Shit

As a human performance researcher and consultant, Dr Adam Fraser works with a lot of successful men from CEOs to top entrepreneurs. “They often say their greatest regret is they were a jerk to their family,” he says.
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