Modern Dads Are Expanding What It Means To Be A Man & The Benefits Are Insane

“I do a lot of counselling work with men,” explains Aladdin Jones, a psychotherapist and community facilitator. “I recently spoke with a guy whose dad was a farmer who used to work flat-out seven days a week. ‘Oh yeah, I remember my dad played with me once,’ he said to me. ‘It was with a tractor at Christmas.’ It wasn’t that his dad didn’t mean well, but he just wasn't available.

Healthier, Happier, Stronger: Why You Need to Catch Up with Your Mates

Hanging out your mates is proven to make you happier, healthier and more resilient. Movember’s Owen Sharp explains why

The 3 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Your Daughter

I’m a man. I grew up in a family of three boys. I went to a boys’ school until years 11 & 12. The vast majority of my best friends are men. I work with the men’s health charity, Movember. And I’ve created The Father Hood with two other dads. So, I spend a lot of time hanging out with men and thinking about ‘man stuff’.

Paid Parental Leave Equality: More Fulfilling Position Descriptions For All

Last week I attended a Parental Leave Equality Roundtable discussion on behalf The Father Hood, led by the fantastic Emma Walsh from Parents At Work. We heard about the huge disparity in availability and take-up of paid parental leave between women and men and how workplaces such as Medibank and Spotify are successfully getting on the front foot to address this.

Nick Cave: Why Your Kids Need Rock’n’Roll

When I became a father, the stakes immediately rose – higher highs, lower lows, and a load-up of pressure I simply didn’t see coming. Raising three humans is the biggest job I’ll ever have. 

Jeremy’s story: The Quickie That Knocked Up The Father Hood

Last year, a quick email planted the seed for The Father Hood.
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