Unemployment Can Hurt Your Mental Health – Here’s How To Handle It

THE QUESTION: I was the main breadwinner in our family, but three months ago I lost my job due to COVID. Since then, I've applied for a bunch of positions and haven't got a single interview. I’ve always worked and it's been very demoralising - I’m in my mid 40s and it’s hard not to feel kind washed up. But I'm also getting really worried about our family's financial situation. The idea of not being able to support my family makes me sick. I know I need to try and stay strong for my wife and kids, but right now I’m struggling to put on that brave face. I've been getting really down. Please can you wave a magic wand for me or, failing that, offer some positive suggestions.

How To Make Working From Home With Kids (A Bit) Less Stressful

THE QUESTION: We live in an apartment with two kids aged 5 and 8. My wife and I are both working from home due to COVID. The combination of homeschooling and trying to get our work done at the same time is a nightmare. There's no let up all day long from the moment I open my eyes between the kids’ demands, work deadlines, arguments over homework… I'm finding that constant pressure really difficult to handle. Before, when I was going to work, at least I had that short commute to myself. But now it just feels like there’s no let-up. How can I handle the 24/7 strain? TS

Expert Tactics To Beat The Lockdown Gloom

THE QUESTION: "One of my strategies for getting through life is always to have something to look forward to - even if it's just catching up with a mate for a beer. But COVID is ruining everything. So far we've had to cancel a big family holiday, we're celebrating birthdays in lockdown, I can't go to the football… I’m aware these are minor problems. But life is feeling increasingly bleak at the moment with no positives on the horizon. To be honest, it’s really getting me down. Any ideas?”
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