This is the ultimate dad-watch for the COVID-lockdown trenches

Let’s not sugar coat this one. Parenting is a total and utter shitshow in a COVID-19 lockdown. And Melbourne, the home of The Father Hood, is back in it. FOR THE NEXT SIX WEEKS. We can leave our houses for one of only four reasons. And going to your local watch retailer to check out the new TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph collection is not one of them. We’ll put the violins away, but for hands-on parents, this has an impact on the wrist. Because daily care of children, especially small ones, requires a watch that can handle a real beating. The home schooling. The endless catering requests. The hourly pulling apart of fights and scraps.

Family Values: Paul Roos And His Son Discuss Their Relationship And The Changing Nature Of Manhood

Paul Roos is an AFL legend. After a hugely successful playing career, he became a coach and guided the Sydney Swans to the 2005 Premiership, their first title in 72 seasons. Dylan (24) is one of Paul’s two sons. But what’s it like being brought up by the 2008 Australian Father of the Year?

Grand Designs’ Peter Maddison Explains How to Fix Your Family Floorplan

Want to turn your house into a family home? Peter Maddison, the host of Grand Designs Australia and an architect with 25 years of experience, lists the pitfalls to avoid

“Lately I’m making an effort to just put my phone away” – Chris Hemsworth on the modern challenges of fatherhood

Chris Hemsworth is the celebrity taking fatherhood more seriously than any famous guy I’ve ever met. No matter what question you ask him, his answers have an uncanny knack of finding their way back to his life, his role, as a dad.

3 Reasons We’re Still Buzzing From The Father Hood’s First Appearance At The Roos Mens Wellness & Leadership Club Event

When Paul Roos and I were connected last week through a mutual friend @dan Peterson (legend Dan, thank you) when the first post went up announcing The Father Hood, I was worried. As a music journalist I’ve met too many of my heroes.

How Having Kids Stopped Shaun Micallef Needing Approval “In A Pathetic Way”

When TV's Shaun Micallef started out in comedy, he was desperate for audience approval. Having a family changed all that.

How Matt Damon Gave Me The Idea For The Father Hood

I owe Matt Damon a lot. He inspired me to write a movie with my best mate after I saw Good Will Hunting*. He got me into the Dropkick Murphys thanks to the opening scene of The Departed. He taught me that dumping your girlfriend on Oprah was a bad idea, so that I wouldn’t ever make that mistake myself.

What Kind of Dad Does Chris Hemsworth Want To Be Remembered As?

Full version of the video is coming soon.
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