What’s It Really Like Being a 21st Century Dad? Have Your Say…

Luke BenedictusBy Luke Benedictus.
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It’s howlingly obvious that your life as a dad is light years away from your father’s experience. Research shows that most dads continue to work just as many hours as before they have kids. Yet on top of that, studies reveal that fathers now do three times as much childcare and twice as much housework as dads did back in the 1960s. No wonder you’re feeling frazzled.

James Brown, a clinical psychologist from the University of Southern Queensland (and father of four!) is undertaking research into the factors that affect a dad’s involvement in the parenting process.

From your levels of stress to your relationship dynamic and your income to the gender of your child, it turns out there are a complex mass of causes that determine how much time you spend hanging out with your kids.

“I want to see how we can remove some of the barriers that make it difficult for dads to engage in parenting,” James says.

To do that, James needs your help. He’s calling for dads to fill in his survey to reflect what dad life is really like in 2019. Check out the survey: here.