The 5 Reasons The Father Hood Exists

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Fatherhood is experienced in a collection of millions of micro-moments. The relentless expressions, embraces, adventures, laughs and tears can never be adequately captured in a short-list of defining dad moments.

The role of ‘great dad’ cannot be pinned to a list of key characteristics. It requires a deft implementation of a huge range of emotional, mental and physical skills, turned up and down in each moment as family life comes at us at a thousand miles an hour.

The motivations for us all to show up as dads are countless and varied, and change over time.

And the positive impact that dads can have on their families is well researched and documented, but far too detailed and far-reaching to distil into a series of sharp bullet points.

However, in creating The Father Hood we didn’t want to set off on the journey without a guiding compass and setting a destination. The flag on the hill that we are marching towards. There are many goals we could set and many ways we could come at them, however in short, the five reasons The Father Hood exists are to:

1.     Inspire dads to take the opportunity fatherhood offers with both hands and to rise to their best ever lives. The Father Hood champions dedicated dads, wise dads and better men.

2.     Be their light in a notoriously dark time. Men’s happiness crashes when their kids are young. The Father Hood offers much-needed support and information from the dad’s perspective.

3.     Be a source of positive connection in a time of social isolation. Men lose their mates through fatherhood. The Father Hood offers connection, camaraderie and community.

  4.     Navigate men to their best lives at a point in history when the role of men and dads has never been more unclear. Traditional gender roles are a thing of the past.

5.     Rebrand the stereotype attached to being a dad. The Father Hood is a media brand by media people who understand the power of brand to drive positive change and build tribes.

Like in our role as fathers, this will be a life long journey, starting now.

Thank you for joining us, as together we all navigate and celebrate the brave new frontier of fatherhood, our way.