TFH Workplace Support: The Fastest Road To 50/50

Jeremy MacveanBy Jeremy Macvean.
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Until it’s unremarkable for men to be equally involved in domestic life, it will remain remarkable for women to play an equal in the workforce. This forum gets to the heart of what stands in our way to achieving a level playing field in the workplace – and it starts right here, at home. 


The outdated breadwinner model is just as limiting for men as it is for women. The pressure men feel to provide for their families means they work long hours and miss out on time with their children in the name of economic security. Mothers meanwhile face slower career progression and lower earnings because of time spent out of the workforce and spending a greater proportion of their time performing unpaid (and undervalued) work outside the home.

In this forum we mount a case, backed by evidence and expert perspectives, that we will not achieve true equality in the workforce until there is true domestic equality. You can put in place all the workplace leave policies and affirmative action plans that you want, but until we tackle pervasive biases head-on, true equality will remain a fantasy. Making dads equal parents is the straightest and fastest road to workplace equality.


  • If you’re struggling to make things run smoothly, you’re not alone.  This forum will encourage empathy and shared experiences. We’ll identify some of the key challenges and suggest possible solutions.
  • Trying to challenge stereotypical assumptions about parenting sounds okay in theory, but in practice can be tough. The forum will identify some of the key barriers that parents face at work and workshop possible ways to get around them. In addition, we’ll find out what form of support the dads want to tackle their parent roles.
  • The discussion will expose and challenge often unseen biases, making the workforce more equal.
  • We’ll build courage to lean into the parental role and thereby bring your ‘full self’ to work.


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