TFH KEYNOTE: It’s The Best Time In History To Be A Dad

Jeremy MacveanBy Jeremy Macvean.
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Dads today have the chance to define themselves so much more broadly than their father’s generation. But only if they are willing to lean into the gig, rather than resisting all the change. Make no mistake, this comes with multiple challenges – we’ll suggest how to overcome them and why it’s worth it for everyone.


Fatherhood is life turned up to 11. But dads today have the opportunity to be more actively and emotionally in their kids’ lives than ever before. Research shows this has multiple upsides for men, for their children and for their partners. So are you making the most of the opportunity in front of you? It’s not always easy and it takes courage to be an icebreaker, but the potential benefits are huge for you and your family.


  • Inspiration about the changes happening around us and what they mean for you and your family.
  • Discussion of modern fatherhood perspectives ignited by some revelations from our archive of interviews.
  • Reflections on the parenting partnership – remember boys, the aim is equality with your partner, not your dad.
  • An honest appraisal of the challenges and how to best navigate them.
  • It’s hard but it’s worth it! There is a mountain of research that shows how kids with highly engaged fathers are proven to have better. levels of sociability, confidence and self-control. We’ll share some of these studies to incentivise the importance of change.



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