Life Hack! Drop Your Child Off At Day Care The Night Before To Save Valuable Time In The Mornings! *

James SchloeffelBy James Schloeffel.
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The alarm’s blaring, there are no clean towels in the bathroom, and your two-year-old hasn’t even thought to make himself breakfast yet.

Mornings with kids can be an absolute clusterfuck. In fact, research shows it’s the most stressful time of day for new parents.

But here’s a tip so simple that you’re probably wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself first. Each night, after you’ve fed and bathed your child, simply drop him or her off to day care. It saves mucking around in the morning, and the traffic’s better too.

Child care centres are generally locked after hours, so remember to bring your keycode or access code. We also recommend bringing an extra jumper or blanket (the heating’s often turned off overnight and you wouldn’t want to get cold while you’re dropping the little one off).

Rest assured your child will have everything it needs – a mattress, a fridge full of organic nut-free snacks, and a first-aid kit for those unexpected emergencies.

The next morning, simply wake up and leave for work like you did before you had kids. You’re welcome!

*This probably isn’t such a good idea in real life.