10 Things That We Actually Want For Father’s Day

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Novelty socks? Power tools we will frankly never use (and possibly don’t know how to?). Here The Father Hood’s three founders – Luke, Jeremy and Andrew – suggest 10 things that we’ve tried, tested and genuinely rate as worthwhile gifts.

YBells (pictured above) are a brilliant home-gym invention. One, they’re absolutely brutal in terms of the good they can do for you (read, the sheer muscle-shredding damage) in a very short time. Seriously, 20 minutes on these wrapping in shoulder-mobility exercises and push-ups with a pull-up ending is about the same as three hours in the gym*. And they’re relatively safe to leave on the lounge room floor permanently. They have a soft casing. The worst your kids can do is drop them on their toe. Which could still be bad, but mine lost interest in them pretty quickly. (*Approx). AM

Citizen Wolf Made-to-measure T-shirts
You know that T-shirt you’ve got that fits you just right? It’s snug in all the right places to make you look less lumpy while marginally hiding your gut? Well, Citizen Wolf will go one better with their made-to-measure tees with prices starting at just $59. You choose your style (crew-neck, scoop, V-neck), select your fabric (organic cotton, merino wool etc) and plug a few basic details into their “Magic Fit” algorithm. A week or two later your perfectly fitting tee arrives in the post, but the really exciting news: Citizen Wolf are now turning their lupine attention to denim. LB

Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer
Andrew said he was getting more action in the bedroom since he had a beard, so I soon grew one too. But then he shaved his off – was he getting too much?! The mind boggles. Anyway, like lots of other dads, I’ve now got a beard. If your Dad has facial hair, help him to keep it neat with one of these bad boys. It looks like Andrew’s beard might be making a comeback… JM
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The Calm App
Without Sleep Stories on the Calm App, I was a lot like my toddlers. A very bad sleeper. I would finally – fuckin finally – get to bed, after four up-and-downs to each of the kids, and my mind would be racing. Why did I have kids? Was the sex even worth it? What is that damp patch on the pillow, and how did it get there? Enter the Calm App. Sleep Stories. Stephen Fry and some kind of lavender vibes. Erik Braa. Andrew Martin. I sleep like no baby I ever had. Get it for a dad. Or better still, get it for yourself. You’ll save your sleep life. AM

Fleishman Is in Trouble: A Novel
New York Times profile writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner is one of the best long-form journos in the business and her debut novel is a wildly enjoyable read. Dr Toby Fleishman is recently divorced and exploring the world of Tinder-like apps when his ex wife dumps their kids on him and disappears. What follows is a devastating account of marriage, sex, fatherhood, capitalism and mid-life befuddlement. Plus, the killer twist will leave you reeling. LB

Bose SoundSport In Ear Headphones
I’m always a better bloke after I’ve had a run. And I always enjoy my runs more when I’m listening to music, using quality headphones that sound good and don’t fall out. Running is now hard enough with an aging body and crammed schedule, I don’t have the time or tolerance to put up with headphone issues, especially having the earbuds fall out all the time. The Bose SoundSport headphones have delivered the goods for me. Makes your runs more fun. JM

Kavalan Classic Single Malt
A single-malt Scotch from Taiwan? It’s time to broaden your mind. Japanese distilleries traditionally get all the plaudits in the Asian market, but since launching in 2008, Kavalan has wowed tipplers and won the World’s Best Single Malt at the 2015 World Whiskies Awards. The Classic Single Malt ($119.90 at Dan Murphys) is an easy-drinking Scotch with echoes of tropical fruit and vanilla culminating in a velvety sweet aftertaste. Definitely worth checking out. LB

Concert tickets
Dads usually don’t get out much. When they do, make it count. There are a stack of great gigs lining up for the next year, including Queen, U2, Fleetwood Mac, Hilltop Hoods, The Living End and The Red Hot Summer Tour. I’ve never regretted going to a concert and there’s something for every dad taste. JM

Hunter Lab World’s Greatest Dad Kit
Why? It kinda says it on the tin (aka the soft touch gift box wrap with exclusive World’s Greatest Dad gift sleeve). Yes, dad will love the top-quality Cleansing Shave Foam and Anti-Ageing Elixir, but it’s the thought that really counts with this one. Dad spends so much time and energy looking after you, this is a nice way to tell him how you feel and help him to look after himself too.JM
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The Father Hood book
Yes, shameless self promotion, but honestly, this book has made my dadlife and dad game better in at least seven ways. To always sneaking kale and vegies into my kid’s smoothies (thanks Becks). To seeking a primary school that still values imaginative play (all you, Bluey creator Joe Brumm). To trashing the idea of ever having a teenage retreat in my home (your words of fire, Peter Maddison!) It’s all useful. It’s all for dads. Bias aside, it’s a hell of a book alright. AM
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