Daddy’s Home: The National Working Families Survey 2019

Luke BenedictusBy Luke Benedictus.
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Juggling small kids and work often feels like mission impossible. So how can workplaces become more family friendly and gender equal when it comes to sharing the caring load? A national study from Parents At Work and Karitane aims to find out.

Complete this survey to help gather new evidence about how Australian families are balancing work and care. Your data will help determine what is needed to improve the juggle.

Your input is important because something urgently needs to change. In June, UNICEF released a report showing Australia was bottom of the table of rich countries not offering support to working fathers.

This doesn’t reflect public sentiment. Research from The University of Sydney Business School shows that young dads would welcome policies that enable them to work and parent. But in 2017-18, only between one quarter to one-third of all new dads took up paid parental leave. So what’s going on?

The National Working Families Survey aims to find out. Its findings will provide hard data to help employers and policymakers hopefully unlock a more equal way for Aussie parents to raise their families.