Ask An Expert: ‘Is My Child A Genius Or Am I Just Massively Dumb?’

James SchloeffelBy James Schloeffel.
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Dear The Father Hood,

It’s a question that’s been on my mind for a while now. ‘Is my child an intellectual virtuoso, or am I just a fucking idiot?’

For a long time now I have been convinced that my eight year old is the next Stephen Hawking. After all, she can count to one hundred and she’s already reading Harry Potter.

But on recent reflection, it occurred to me that it may be relative. Maybe my surprise at my daughter’s reading ability was somewhat influenced by the fact that I myself haven’t been able to get through the first page of The Philosopher’s Stone. You must admit, some of the words are very long.

To give you another example, when my three year-old completed an 8-piece puzzle all by himself, I immediately downloaded an application form for Mensa. But, as my wife later pointed out, is it the fact that I’ve never been able to do that puzzle myself clouding my judgement?

Yours truly,