New Report Shows That Most Working Parents Are Struggling To Cope

Since becoming a dad have you found yourself becoming more stressed? Do you wrestle with the pressure of trying to juggle your work around your family commitments? Are you reluctant to take advantage of more flexible working opportunities for fear of damaging your career? If so, you’re not alone. F

The No.1 Tactic For Long-distance Dads

Work trips taking you away from home? Do this one thing to stay connected with your partner and kids.


Shield Your Kids From Your Work Stress: The No.1 Thing You Must Do Before Getting Home Tonight

“Kids are mood detectives,” says Michael Grose, co-author of the new parenting book, Anxious Kids. “Anxiety and emotions are contagious.” In other words, your state of mind could rub off on your children. That’s a scary prospect given that our workplaces are getting more stressful than ever before.

Do It Like Obama: 5 Ways To Stop Your Job From Killing Your Dad Life

When Barack Obama became President of the United States, he made a decision. Every night, he would return to the White House to sit down at 6.30pm for dinner with his wife and daughters. Obama declared those family dinners to be “sacrosanct”, refusing to miss them more than twice a week. “My

“I Still Think Darth Vader is Super Cool”: Interview With Lego Star Wars Creative Director Jens Frederiksen

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (OK, more specifically, in Denmark in 1999) a deal was struck between Lego and Star Wars. The Jedi Master who’s guided the development ever since is Jens Kronvold Frederiksen. In his role as the product line’s creative director, he’s worked on every Le

Are You Too Tired to Drive? The Truth About Father Fatigue And How To Survive It

Exhaustion is the inescapable plight of every new dad. Broken nights are unavoidable in those early months as you blearily struggle on while punctuating your sentences with yawns. But sleep deprivation has repercussions beyond the fact that your caffeine intake has suddenly trebled overnight. A s

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How Having Kids Stopped Shaun Micallef Needing Approval “In A Pathetic Way”

“In the beginning I started out [in comedy] with this insatiable appetite for performing and I was very, very needy,” Micallef says. “I always needed approval, I hungered for it in a pathetic way. Talk to people I worked with early on and they’ll tell you, I was dreadful. Because I came over to Melb

"Thrive in the Chaos": SAS Survival Tactics For Dads

With his shaven head and arms the size of ham hocks, Kevin Toonen looks like a very tough customer. This isn’t a case of appearances proving deceptive either. During his 18 years in the military, Toonen not only served in the Australian Special Forces, he eventually wound up as their high-performanc

Study: Dads Who Take Parental Leave May Delay Having More Kids

Dads who take parental leave are more likely to postpone having additional children, a study in Spain has found. In March 2017, Spain introduced two weeks of fully paid parental leave for dads. But a study published in the Journal of Public Economics suggested that, two years on, parents who took a

Nathan Buckley on Fatherhood: “I Often Wonder Whether I Should Be Harder Or Provide More Love And Care”

Nathan Buckley’s belief in himself never wavered. Even in 2017 when the Collingwood coach faced withering criticism after another woeful season, he always kept faith in his ability. That view was finally justified in some style by the Pies’ Grand Final appearance last year – a remarkable tur

Jump-leads For Your Brain: How This Turbo-charged Coffee Changed My Life

We get it. If you’ve got small kids you got hardly any sleep last night (again). Meet your secret weapon: a slurpable form of salvation that fits neatly into a mug. It’s called Beforeyouspeak Coffee and it’s effectively a performance-enhancing drug for your working day. I’ll admit that when I


An open letter from Matt Martino. On this RUOK Day it’s a great time to reach out dad to dad and just see if we are ok. In these days where parenting has become a competitive sport, it’s good to not feel like we always have to score, but to just be part of a team. To realise we are all the same.

Paid Parental Leave Equality: More Fulfilling Position Descriptions For All

Published on Monday 4 March 2019 Last week I attended a Parental Leave Equality Roundtable discussion on behalf The Father Hood, led by the fantastic Emma Walsh from Parents At Work. We heard about the huge disparity in availability and take-up of paid parental leave between women and men and how wo

OK, This Could Be The Single Biggest Gamechanger You Can Make For Your Entire Dad Life...

Yep, we’re talking about taking parental leave. Big call? Maybe. But after Sydney father-of-two Pete Rhodes took 18 weeks of parental leave to care for his youngest son, Liam (now two), he described it as “the best decision I’ve ever made”. Here, Pete describes the impact it had on his life, relati
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