David Campbell on Beating Booze, Taming Anxiety And Why His Kids Inspire Him To Raise His Game

David Campbell was 10-years-old when he discovered that his father was, in fact, the rock-star, Jimmy Barnes. “Lightning struck that day for me,” the singer and TV presenter says. “Emotionally, it rocked me.” David went on to forge a strong relationship with his dad. Yet he acknowledges that childh

Boxer Danny Green: “Fatherhood Gave Me A Really Strong Focus To Be Successful”

Four-time boxing world champ, Danny Green reflects on dad tatts, “winging it” and the life-changing letter he wrote to his old man


The Father Hood Interviews David Beckham

Unexpectedly, David Beckham materializes through the backdoor and catches everyone in the hotel by surprise. He’s dressed all in black – cashmere knit, slim-fit jeans, hi-top sneakers – with a Tudor watch dangling from his tattooed wrist. For a couple of seconds, the room stops. Perhaps it’s t

Osher Gunsberg: "There’s something super wonderful about falling in love with a woman that has a kid"

Being a stepdad is not without it’s challenges for all of us, because it’s a new family unit for everyone to get used to. But I was unfazed by it. I met Audrey when I’d just turned 40 and the reality of being a single man in your forties is you’re going to date women with children. And I would recom

Body Hack's Todd Sampson: “Bravery Is A Learned Skill - I Want My Girls To Take Huge Risks"

As a boy, Todd Sampson vividly recalls his father sitting down before him and stretching out his hands. Years of grinding away as a labourer had left Hilary Sampson’s hands broken and callused. “He showed me his hands and he said to me: ‘Todd, you don’t need to have hands like this. You can

UFC Champ Robert Whittaker: “Being a Fighter Has Definitely Helped Me as a Father”

UFC World Middleweight Champ Robert Whittaker is a warrior in the Octagon. But while he’s best known for his sharp jab and devastating left hook, The Reaper’s guiding mantra has always been family first. That was emphatically proven when he recently pulled out of his forthcoming fight against Jare

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Vincent Fantauzzo: “I Really Wanted To Become A Dad But I Was Also Scared"

Vincent Fantauzzo’s life has a storybook trajectory. Today the 42-year-old is one of Australia’s most famous artists, an Archibald Prize winner who’s married to the beautiful actor Asher Keddie. But his future didn’t always look so promising. Vincent grew up dirt-poor in Melbourne’s Broadmeadows,

Comedian David Baddiel on Fatherhood: “It’s The Only Thing That’s Ever Properly Changed Me”

David Baddiel was the first comedian to sell out Wembley Stadium. Here the British comic, novelist and TV presenter reflects on fatherhood and his foul-mouthed dad. My dad has Pick’s Disease, a type of dementia the symptoms of which include obscenity, disinhibition, apathy, mood swings and extreme

Matt Tilley: "My dad was more of a safety-net than a loaded gun"

MATT TILLEY, 49 Comedian / radio presenter Father of Grace (17), Jack (15) and Oscar (13) My dad, Trevor, taught me how to shave and how to change a car tyre. The poor bastard had no choice. There was no YouTube back then. He was an old-fashioned person with a new-age way of thinking. I’d say he wa

School of Rock: 6 Dwayne Johnson Quotes To Dad By

It’s hard to believe that not so long ago, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was perceived by the world as a meathead wrestler. Today, he’s the world’s most bankable movie star, an action-hero with 20-inch biceps and a heart of gold. But he’s also the new dad-hero. This, after all, is the family-man w

How Having Kids Stopped Shaun Micallef Needing Approval “In A Pathetic Way”

“In the beginning I started out [in comedy] with this insatiable appetite for performing and I was very, very needy,” Micallef says. “I always needed approval, I hungered for it in a pathetic way. Talk to people I worked with early on and they’ll tell you, I was dreadful. Because I came over to Melb

Things My Father Taught Me: Danny Katz

Danny Katz is a veteran columnist (The Sydney Morning Herald / The Age) and the author of the award-winning children’s book series, Little Lunch. Here, he reflects on his dad’s “god-like” influence and excruciating jokes. Dad is a scientist but he was obsessed with music and

Snowboarder Josh Wood: How To Survive A Broken Neck, A Broken Marriage & Life As A Single Dad

Josh Wood broke his neck in a snowboarding accident when he was 18. He became an instant quadriplegic and doctors vowed he would never walk again. But Josh refused to accept it. Instead he defied medical opinion with a miracle recovery powered by self-will and bloody-minded determination. Twenty yea

Comedian James McCann: “Dad Jokes Are An Abuse of Power”

James McCann is an award-winning stand-up comic. Six months ago, he also became a father to a baby girl. Here’s what the 28-year-old has learnt so far. Recently, an old mate from Adelaide posted an Instagram photo of his beautiful house full of all this boujie, Scandinavian furniture. The caption o
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