TFH PRESENTATION: 2021 Parenthood Is A Role With No Rulebook

Jeremy MacveanBy Jeremy Macvean.
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COVID has turned parenting into a role with no rulebook by upending the domestic environment – and there’s no turning back. How do we build on the positive possibilities of starting our parenting lives over? Because you can, and greater happiness and fulfilment at home and at work might just be on the other side…


There’s a silent revolution going on. Gender roles are being flipped, mashed and reimagined. Dads are more actively involved in their kids’ lives than ever before, spending three times as many hours a week with their kids as dads did in the 1960s.

Throw a pandemic into the mix, and it’s utter chaos! With COVID, the shift in parental roles has hit the accelerator. How do we make the most of the positive shifts, with no rulebook and significant challenges.


  • A glimpse of the future – how your workplace will look in 10 years.
  • Tips for keeping the newly formed domestic bonds strong after the “war”.
  • Ways to adapt to the new reality more quickly – how to unlock the benefits and dodge the pitfalls.
  • Flexibility with work – ideas for taking advantage of it and the conversations you need to have.
  • Intention matters – how to operate more effectively in a boundaryless world.


Parents, dads, all

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