How Are You Coping With Covid-19? New Study Wants To Hear From Dads

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Life as we know it has gone utterly haywire under Covid-19. But what are the psychological implications for dads and their families?

A new nationwide online study by Deakin University is being launched to measure the emotional and mental health impacts of these measures on Aussie families during the pandemic.

The idea is to unearth solid findings that can help to increase our resilience both now and in the future.

“Australian families from Cairns to Perth are experiencing unprecedented changes and this online, longitudinal survey will see us investigate the week-by-week impacts of social distancing and other measures,” said Dr Elizabeth Westrupp, a clinical psychologist at Deakin’s Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development that is undertaking the ‘COVID-19 Pandemic Adjustment Survey’.

“Crises from the Christchurch Earthquakes and the US September 11 terrorist attacks, lead to increases in mental health problems and family violence, but COVID-19 is unique and likely to cause chronic family stress. We know there are risks for those families living with chronic stress and social isolation, and this study can provide timely information and tools for successful clinical and public health interventions.”

“By answering our questions on parent and child mental health and wellbeing, and also sleep, physical activity, social support, isolation, couple conflict, and parenting; you’ll be helping other Australian families in need.”

To complete the survey click here.